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    There has been many good and bad things about the Pre timing, the date selection has been criticised on a number of occasions because it would be completely overshadowed by WWDC.

    I think this is one of the best moves Palm has made of late, even though stocks were/are low and advertising has been limited. The Pre has been mentioned in almost every article about the iPhone, this Apple marketing machine piggyback was surely intentional and just brilliant from a free marketing point of view.
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    Interesting observation. I have to agree.
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    I heard then talk about it on the news after they broke down the info on the new iphone. Good move for sure because when the average person sees the lackluster additions to the iphone they'll look more into this "pre" that they also talked about.
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    Yep. I think that all those folks (including me in at least one post, although I believe I recanted at some point) who thought Palm/Sprint were suicidal should now be enjoying a nice dinner of crow. Turns out that not only is the Pre being mentioned in every iPhone article, but increasingly favorably. I've even read some accounts where the iPhone is being called "out of date" and "aged" in comparison to the Pre.

    A few hundred (decent) apps, some fixes to a few glaring omissions, aggressive advertising, and decent inventory levels, and Palm will be doing quite well by the end of 2009, thank you very much.
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    I have to agree. I speculated that they figured they needed to get ahead of Apple for a variety of company-saving reasons. They did so and it paid off in sales. It may mean some churn because certain things simply weren't ready for primetime, but in the greater calculus, it was a good move for the shareholders.

    I find the hardware solid, so if they replace defectives, they can fix the software stuff. I wanna know how many people really use 32GB for anything.

    My wife is a musician and singer and she still doesn't use that much on iTunes.
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    I think that Palm seriously messed up Apple's mojo with a very clever looooooooooooong-term plan and psyche-out tactics. Here's how:

    1. The Pre is shown at CES and everyone flips for it. WebOS is shiny; real keyboard; multi-tasking; and, most importantly, copypasta.

    B. With all these new features coming that iPhone 3G doesn't have, Apple is forced to reveal the iPhone 3.0 OS features in mid-March. No new phones, just the promise that copypasta and some other stuff that the Pre promised was coming from them, too. It may've been in the works already, but it still looks like they're responding to Palm.

    3. Flash-forward to now. The Pre is out, the reviews are good, the future possibilities are intriguing and Apple has their big dog & pony show today and what do they unveil? Something we saw three months ago and, oh yeah, a non-multitasking phone that's faster and has an auto-focusing video camera of the same rez as the Pre. No Steve Jobs appearance. No megaton announcement - though the uber-cheap upgrade price for Snow Leopard must've made M$ poo themselves a little - and just a big feeling of "meh" for the two hours spent watching it.

    Who would've thought that an Apple keynote would leave people so blah? Why was it blah? Because it was almost all OLD NEWS because they were forced to show their hand back in March. Without the Pre's splash at CES, Apple would've kept quiet and rolled it out today and people would've ooooohed and aaaahhhed. Instead, they had to steal their own thunder to stave off Palm and in the process, looked like they were treading water.

    Some fanboy writer at Wired wrote last week that Apple could phone it in - har-har - since they're so dominant, they don't actually need to do much to move product. It reminded me of Sony's hubris brought on by the success of the PS2. They were so certain that the PS3 was an automatic win, they didn't even foresee that the Xbox 360 and Wii could leapfrog them and knock them from first to worst almost overnight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    I find the hardware solid, so if they replace defectives, they can fix the software stuff.
    But all the stories of broken/cracked Pres are scaring me. I seem to drop my phones on hard surfaces a few times per year, and from the stories I'm hearing, the Pre may not survive even one fall. We might be dealing with sample bias, though, because drops that survive are not likely to be reported.
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    The piggyback scheme makes some sense, but I don't think it was intentional.

    If I'm running things, I bring out the pre at CES and say it's on sale within a week. Then I have six months to sell what the iPhone 2.0 software can't do at all. Iphone 3.0 software does fix alot of things and brings it closer to the Pre. So in my view it's a 6 month sales advantage lost.
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    That only works if your product is ready to go THEN and as the roughness that still exists in the Pre and WebOS after five months of work attests, there is no way in heck they could've launched then. If they had, they'd have been already out of business. If the WWDC was in August, they would've still delayed until the last minute to buff it up some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    I wanna know how many people really use 32GB for anything.

    My wife is a musician and singer and she still doesn't use that much on iTunes.
    I do. My iPod Touch typically floats with a few of it's 32 GB free. That's about 2/3 audio and 1/3 video.

    For me, 8 GB on the Pre is fine. Using an iPod for what it's good at frees me to use a phone that meets what I think a smartphone should be. That the Pre can sync to iTunes and play stored music is icing on the cake.

    I do expect we'll see a 16 GB Pre later this year, however.
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    I agree with the OP. This piggybacking on the iPhone press coverage was intentional. Palm's marketing is first class here. If people were looking to get an iPhone, they now check out the Pre too. Probability says some of those people will decide to get a Pre. And Palm gets a foothold in a very big market, which for now is all they want.

    One other thing to note too, is that the press coverage makes it appear that this is a two horse race. Anyone hear RIM mentioned at all? These guys are gooood.
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    Its also nice for Palm because they have the phone into the hands of all the people who were planning on buying it anyway and get plenty of feedback. That generates more buzz when people have it in their hands and then they can iron out the bugs and see what people want/need most to make their next move. By the time the next wave of large shipments come in they can have another update rolled out (I hope anyway).
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    Not really too sure since none of the iPhone and Apple related articles I read today even mentioned the Pre.
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    Palm is in a good position. I think they need to release more devices with WebOS to different carriers.
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    I've seen the Pre mentioned in several articles related to the new iPhone 3GS. It does seem like an effective guerrilla marketing tactic.

    I'd like to see Palm succeed and start making serious inroads into Apple and RIM market share... but I think there is already enough interest in the Pre to guarantee that which is most important to me: a vibrant community. There will certainly be enough Pre users and developers to generate a large number of high quality app and also a large audience to consume the apps I plan to write myself. Always great when there is someone to actually use the apps you write.
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    I would like to see this device get some quick updates before it gets super popular because the last thing they need is a lot of people with these phones complaining. It's already pretty bad on here, but I'm confident that once they get a few kinks worked out this thing will be a true killer.
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    Here is my quick survey of iPhone 3GS news.

    Pre mentioned in iPhone news piece: CNN, BBC, Wall Street Journal, NY Times

    Pre not mentioned in iPhone news piece: Times Online
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    Agreed with everything said here. All of the Pre coverage/mentions during Apple's WWDC is just free marketing for Palm. It also helps that there weren't really surprises during their keynote. As long as Palm can stay on top of those updates and attract devs, then things are looking good.
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    I agree that the iPhone news is blah, and Palm has a great opportunity. But an opportunity is all that it is, at this point. There are significant bugs in the software, and significant features missing when you compare it to other smartphones. If Palm can't turn around bug fixes and feature upgrades quickly, that opportunity may be gone.

    If a bunch of iPhone people buy the Pre, and then turn around and start complaining, "OMG, the Pre won't even [insert flaw of choice]. Even my 1st Gen iPhone did that" it won't be good publicity for Palm. Ditto for Crackberry, G1 and WM users.
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    you know i wonder if Jon Rubinstein knows the roadmap for the iphone. The upper hand goes to palm if he knows whats coming and whats not.
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