Hey guys and gals. I'm coming here as a long time 650/700/755 user, and my favorite thing about PalmOS was how fast you could access core functions (which, in my opinion included calling, texting, and web). I've really enjoyed my Pre so far, but thanks to the massive contact list facebook synergy brings, I don't think universal search is the answer to about any of my speed dreams...

So, here is what I've come up with as fairly snappy ways to do things, and I'd love to get input if someone has a better way.


So, for a text, what I do is always leave the "Messaging" main folder open. Once you are there, you can do 1 of 2 things. First, just click on an already existing conversation thread, and you are immediately ready to type, or 2, bust out the slider, and start typing to filter for which conversation you need. Alternatively, you can just hit the new convo button, and type-search for contacts there too... but if its someone you already have a thread with, going straight to type-search in the msg bar saves you the click for "new message"

For universal search, best I can tell, without having to type out 3 quarters of someones full name to get their contact info to be unique (thus expanding their contact profile and giving access to the "SMS" button in their contact info), the best you can do is type-search, narrow it a bit, click their contact, let the contact card load, then click SMS... far too slow. However, I suppose just typing enough to get a full unique expanded card would be a solution.


The same problems I have with texting, I have with calling. Unless you get universal search narrowed down to a single contact, you have to click the contact person, open up their contact card, then click their phone number. There isn't some shift enter or orange click shortcuts to immediately text or immediately call a particular contact listing in universal search (that has NOT expanded) yet is there?

So, the best I've come up with is open the Phone program, and click on the address book, and leave that open. Once you are in the phone program with addy open, a type-search only brings up phone numbers, and a single screen click, or the enter button will immediately start calling... Saves from center to open up universal search, type-search, click to expand contact, then click the phone number, etc.


meh, web is sort of a toss up.

If its a new website, and you know the actual website address, clicking center button to go to universal search and just typing is about as fast as I can find.

However, if you have already visited the website, you can save yourself a few key hits (by not having to type out the whole address) by being anywhere in a Web card, and just typing... below the google search that comes up, it brings up your history, which it seems to store a good amount, and be very intelligent with what it recommends.

Anyway, thats what I've found... may not be the best, but its the best I got so far... I welcome any input from anyone else