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    I've tried several times to buy individual songs from Amazon but no luck. I keep getting a message that tells me that my download failed and to try again. I can listen to the 30 second sample clips with no problems at all, but can't purchase.

    Has anyone successfully purchased music yet?
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    I purchased an album last night to test it. I already had an amazon account setup with my credit card info so that wasn't a problem. It did force me to download over wifi though. So after my initial download failed I turned on wifi and clicked on the little X next to the song names and it started downloading them for me. In the end it worked like a charm.
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    Through wifi which is apparently required.
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    I'm assuming they worried about incomplete downloads so they made it wifi-only. Kinda crappy but not too bad.
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    • Setup an amazon account
    • Enable one-click and set up-to-date credit card
    • Go to Pre and Buy
    • Check website in Account Info for Digital Downloard orders
    • If you have a problem at this point use the callback feature with Amazon customer support.

    I had an expired CC in my one-click profile. Fixed that and everyone was great. Used home wifi as well.
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    I have $5 mp3 credit on my amazon account, so I tried it out. It actually works great as long as you have wifi connection.
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    Thanks everyone, but still unable to buy.

    I tried all of the suggestions above and still can't download a song.

    One-click is set up and working for everything on my computer, so it's not an account issue as far as I can tell. I order from Amazon through their website at least a few times a month (even MP3s) and never have trouble. Strange that I can't buy an MP3 using the Pre.
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    I went back 5 minutes later after making some account changes on my Amazon account (removed all cards, except the main one I use to purchase) and now I can buy music with no trouble at all!

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    I just started having this problem also.

    I purchased six individual titles from my Pre and downloaded with no problem earlier in the week. Now I get a message "purchase timed out" when trying to buy (yes, from wifi). I thought I would try sign out / sign in from within the app, but no go - after signing out I get a message "login timed out" trying to log back in within the app.

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