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    Ok is anyone else having this problem?

    I have an aim account on my pre and it worked good for a while.

    But then I clicked the little green circle next to your status and clicked on offline cause I didn't want anyone bothering me.

    So then I go and try to log back on(clicking the gray dot and then clicking the avaible) and it said signing in... And it said that for a while... Then the gray dot finally went green but no buddies showed up... And it keeps doing that. I can't see any of my aim buddies....

    Anyone know why?(I'm on wifi with full signal. And have tried it with full evdo) no sigar.

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    *bumb* sorry...
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    Exact same issue for me. Worked great the first day I had the phone, so I know it was setup correct. Set it to offline, and now when I try to connect it tells me it's connected but no buddies. Interestingly if I'm connected to AIM on my main computer through pidgin I get a message indicating another client signed in. So the Pre is making it that far, but then getting lost somewhere along the way it seems.

    I restarted the phone and now it works. Kind of lame, but oh well. Better than it not working at all.
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    Yeah I was just going to say that. All you have to do it restart and it works
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    where did u get aim from for the Pre?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    i havent had this issue, but was wondering if u guys tried to close the app, then open it back up? if u have, then reseting it is the only other option...

    hmm... unless try to turn radio off n turn it on? *shrug* just thinking out loud!
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    While in the messaging app and in the buddies section, check your options (top left corner) and make sure your offline buddies aren't hidden... Until I realized that mine were hidden and if no one is online then no one will show up in your buddy list...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    where did u get aim from for the Pre?
    It comes with the phone. Go to messaging and add an AIM account.
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    I had an issue re-signing in too. BTW, for anyone annoyed at the different buddies added to your overall contacts list, create a blank/throwaway contact listing, and merge all the SNs/people you dont want to talk to with that throwaway contact listing, so instead of showing them all individually, they'll all be under that.

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