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    Quote Originally Posted by FesterTreo View Post
    Sorry but she is just an *****. Did not do any research, no facts, nothing. He was actually making an effort to be informed.
    If you ever watch their Gadget Pron segment it's always like that. She asks the questions as if she doesn't know while Kevin or Chris answer them.
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    Actually a pretty good segment.

    Its olivia Munn's opinion but her opinion is she thinks they are going directly against the reality, this is just where mobile phones are heading....this is simply another option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Post #25 bud.
    i missed that by bad...

    You know Olivia is hot, but she's the embodiment of BIAS
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    Awesome, I can't wait to see their take on it. Hopefully they've used it a few days before doing the review. The gestures do take a little getting used to but I think they'll love it just like anyone else that gives it a real try.
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    She called the Pre "bulky" LOL....uh yeah... whatever.

    And yeah, "give the nod to safari"....gimme a break!

    Oh well, it was better than expected, and I don't like Olivia much.
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