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    So maybe "disaster" is a strong word, but hwo do I avoid the pain of having to redo all the work on my Contacts list?

    I've basically spent a good chunk of an otherwise productive work day (from home though, so take it with a grain of salt ) removing/linking duped profiles, adding pics to contacts (screenshots FTW!) and deleting contacts created by Google (Picassa's face detection is nice but adds tons of uneeded entries).

    So I wonder:

    - how are these contacts' details saved (incl pict IDs)? I have to check Google contacts online, maybe it saves them there.

    - If that's the case, maybe I could do these changes online at wait for the synch to send them to the Pre?).
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    data gets backed up everyday, so you can see if you can retrieve it somehow. how that is i do not know, but u can probably call/ask sprint or palm
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    I read somewhere that if you do have to restore from your Palm account, it will restore your contacts and apps, however, all that linking you did, you will have to do again. As of now the backup does not back up any linking. Can't remember where I read this, but I am pretty sure about it.

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