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    I searched and could not find an answer to this, but as more apps are released, I would like to increase the number of menu panels beyond the default 3. I tried simply sliding an app over, but it did not create a new panel.

    Anyone tried this?

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    i tried it too and no luck, it seems we may have to wait for the next firmware update for that.
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    The limit's three. Interestingly, today, I was looking at a coworker's iPhone, and noticed that while the iPhone supports 12 screens total, they don't scroll vertically. So, ultimately, at least comparing the Pre to the iPhone (really, the only valid comparison in this context), it's a choice of three screens with (unlimited?) vertical scrolling or 12 screens with no scrolling. Personally, I like the Pre's approach.

    That does raise the question of whether there's a hard limit on the number of apps on the iPhone, since it's 12 screens X 16 apps/screen=192 apps. I wonder if there's a similar limit on the Pre...
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    I'm definitely going to miss having the categories from the Palm OS. Maybe I'll figure out a way to divide up the 3 panels a way I like. I did some testing though and was able to put 26 apps on one panel, but it was a pain in the ***.
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    I dont like how the panels can scroll vertically, I'd rather them be locked in like the iPhone, just with more total panels. Can't be that tough to update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanBlader View Post
    I did some testing though and was able to put 26 apps on one panel, but it was a pain in the ***.
    Yeah I think ultimately I could get by with three just by putting everything I don't really care about on the third page, but I wish moving apps from one screen to another was less tedious.
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    The cat from palm os where nice .

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