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    Whenever I hit one of the keys on the left hand side of the keyboard (say, S, A, or the red key), it makes a crunching sound (like, say, a piece of loose plastic being pushed).

    Not sure whether it's worth returnable, but it's beginning to get irritating.

    Anybody experiencing anything similar?
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    yeah mine was like that in the same area but seems to have gone away with use.
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    Mine is also doing the same thing. Also, the thin piece of plastic that is "behind" or around the keys of the keyboard appears to be very flimsy. Today I felt it give a little and pursued it with my finger and now I seem to have a tiny indentation in three or four different spots where the thin plastic doesnt seem to have any support behind it. Now the support is essentially outlined by the indentation in the area with no support. Does that make any sense?

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