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    What have you changed on your bar? I pulled the phone off and added messaging...but will prolly change it back. Looks like they have the most useful apps on there already anyway.
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    I have messaging,email,calendar,browser, & the unmovable launcher icon.
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    I removed email and added the web browser.
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    I think I could get rid of the contacts app, since it is available from phone anyway and put the camera. I love to use my camera.
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    I have phone, web, mail, messaging, and of course the launcher. For contacts I find it's just easier to use the universal search.
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    I haven't changed it, since it is useful as-is to me, but I wish I could take off the launcher button (I always use the full up-swipe to get to the launcher, not the button, so it is pointless) and put a button for the browser there. That would be really nice.
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    I have phone, contacts, messaging and the calendar -- for now. thinking of replacing contacts with Web.
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    with universal search and synergy, i found contact is less useful for me.
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    Phone, Messaging, Mail, Web, Launcher. Universal Search for Contacts. I leave Calendar, Memos, and Tasks open as my first three cards and open/close other cards as needed.
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    I just swapped Contacts for Web. I think those are the ones I will need on a regular basis.

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