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    If you press your first or so against the black sides, the black rim surrounding the exposed mirror on the back of the slider, do you get a smudge of black grease or something onto your fingers? When the the slider is open, my index fingers press hold up the phone against this rim and I start noticing my fingers get dirty from the phone. I purposely pressed my finger against the rim to make sure its from the phone itself, and yup, it leaves a mark on my finger. And no, it isn't because I made the phone dirty I don't get the mark from anywhere but this part. I assume it is grease or something for the slider mechanism.
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    I get a little grease on the mirror but nothing from the black areas, maybe I wiped it all off accidently lol.
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    Yeah there seems to be quite a bit of grease between the mirror and the edge of the phone. I had grease on my fingers when I left the Sprint store on Saturday morning!
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    so that's where that came from!

    I noticed black smudges on my finger yesterday, and I didn't know how they got there. hah.

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