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    OK... I've been using my Pre for the past 3 days.

    Using the Pre with it's modern interface (cards, gestures...) is sooo natural.

    I just turned on my old Treo 650 to get some data off the old girl) and man--- .... I can't go back to the Treo (as much as I thought I loved it the Pre is just to use to use.... and will only get better with time)

    What say you???
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    Much like old video games.

    The fond memories of old phones really are just nostalgia.

    I have a Curve now and would never go back to the Palm OS.
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    I've had a Treo 650, 700p, & 750. I then jumped to the iPhone & iPhone 3G. I'm a bit bored with them even though I generally love Apple products. I'm very excited about the Pre'...I too wonder if I will be able to go back once I get my hands on one.
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    I can't go back to my 680. I have the TealOS on my Treo and it look so weird compare to the actual pre lolz..

    There are some feature that I hope the new update will implement. Like color coding or somewhere to distinguish different events.
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    I'm still on the fence with this. I'm coming from a Curve as well & miss a lot of features that aren't included on the Pre (as yet). However, I'm willing to give the Pre a chance & looking forward to the updates.
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    Everything else seems so antiquated now. This thing is such an amazing device.
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    I left Garnett in my rear view mirror a long time ago. It's stone age in comparison to WebOS. I was never a fan of Windows Mobile either, so that's out. Symbian S60 is ok, and the BlackBerry OS is good, but the Pre has consumed me.
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    I tried to help my better half with her Centro, and do something on my fathers 755P.

    It felt so....1996......
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Everything else seems so antiquated now. This thing is such an amazing device.
    Yeah I have a Palm TX - which I really rely on calendar wise etc - and after using the Pre today I found myself trying to flick things on it ;=)

    I am still in the tryout stage and may end up returning due to several factors. I am really back and forth one hour to the next. Especially since I am unsure as to what exactly can be fixed by updates. I feel like I am in a race against the 30 day clock. I really want to avoid being trapped into a 2 yr contract with Sprint if it is not a good fit.

    But I do know this, the OS is the best thing ever. I will absolutely be getting a phone or keeping this one due to the OS. It seems so natural and flowing. I really think it such a breakthrough interface and makes so much sense.

    I love universal search vs categories etc. and at first I thought I did not. I miss my Palm Desktop sync as the Google calendar etc is something I just do not use and it has been slow syncing but I think I could even convert to that or try a 3rd party app need be. Palm seems to rely on 3rd party stuff inf my PDA experience.

    I am really a fan of this OS...the cards and the gestures are really something
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    I picked up the girlfriend's Centro today and was instantly trying to flick things around on her screen. It took me a moment to realize that her phone does respond the same as my phone anymore (had a 700p).

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