Well, today I demoed the Pre again and tried to put it up against my own little stress tests based on what folks have been complaining about here... The Sprint store I visited had three demos and was, of course, sold out.

The Cons:
All of them showed a faint yellowish discoloration at the bottom of the screen. All of them were really hot. I didn't get a chance to survey battery life as they had all been charging.

All of them showed full signal until I tried to make a call. Then they started jumping between 2 bars and full signal; however, I didn't notice any call quality issues. I'm curious how this may effect making a call in medium to low signal coverage areas though.

There are no games for it that I'd ever want to play and WebOS seems to be a real limiting factor in developing any. Sure sure, if you want to play games go buy a PSP... To each their own, but it's a feature/ability I'd like to see.

Also I pressed on and around the bottom button (really hard) several times. It didn't crack and it didn't even seem like it was about to; however, I did get a lot of rippling effecting in the LCD (which is to be expected). I have a feeling that this screen will fail over a short period of time with all the heat the device is putting off. Heat, pressure, and time.... not good combinations when we're talking about electronics

The Pros:
I really love the sceen and contrary to other opinions I think the keyboard is great. The multitasking works beautifully.

There is a bit of a learning curve on how to operate this phone, but I think once i've got it figured out I will really prefer it. The plans available for this phone far offset the cost of this phone vs. the $99 iPhone. Have you guys seen what AT&T charges? Holy crap.

Other than that the Pre is pretty barebones, but I really do hope developers run with this. It has a lot of potential.

I'm waiting. I want to see some official recognition from Palm about some of these widespread possible hardware / design / battery defects. When they've fine-tuned their manufacturing process then I think I'll jump on one. Also, I'd really like to see them switch to Li-polymer batteries for this phone. I am kind of surprised they went with Li-ion.