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    Hello all,

    Let me say that other that needing about 37 batteries to make it through my day, I'm pretty pleased with my Pre.

    Let's see if the resident geniuses I love on this board can help with any of these issues:

    1) After bringing some music over from my PC via usb, I now have FOUR copies of each and every CD cover in my photo application! Each CD is listed as a new photo album, and each album contains four copies of the same picture.

    Anyone else notice this? Any workaround? I've tried both "usb drive" as well as Windows Media Player "sync to device" - both have ended up the same way.

    2) I'm also only seeing 150 of my 3000 songs on the Pre. When I look in the Pre as it's usb tethered, I see all of the songs... but from the Pre's music app, I only see about 150 songs of those 3000 songs. The best I can figure, those 150 are songs I've bought digitally over the years. The songs I'm not seeing are ripped from CD's I own (and yes, I ripped them without copy protection checked... and yes, they all played just fine using pTunes on my 755p)

    3) Random frustration... or incredulous, "I cant believe Palm did this" point: have you seen that there is NO WAY to organize photos from the Pre photo application? According to the help file, you have to hook it up to your computer via usb and drag/drop into folders there. How inconvenient!! There's a 3rd party app just waiting to happen!

    Alright, I welcome ideas on #1 and #2. #3 was just to vent.
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    I also have the four copies on my PC. Do you use Windows Media Player? When media player downloads media info for CD's it downloads four album covers all of different sizes (usually the same pic). When you copied your music to your Pre, all four pics got copied over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enchilada88 View Post
    Let me say that other that needing about 37 batteries to make it through my day, I'm pretty pleased with my Pre.
    I think you're exaggerating just to make a point. It can't take more than 23 batteries to make it through a day...
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    Relax it has nothing to do with Palm or the Pre.
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    Yes, but Ron - with the Treo, we didn't see all of those mini album pictures cluttering up our photo app where they don't belong...
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    If you copied the entire CD folder onto the pre, then the pre is going to find each and every pic. Would you prefer that the pre attempt to decide what you want to see? If you don't want all four copies of CD art then go into your pre and delete the other three. I'm personally not a fan of software that tries to be too intellingent by hiding things.
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    But Ron, I followed the same procedure with the Treo - I moved whole music folders over, and I just saw album art where it belonged - when using my music application. Let me be clear - that's not the problem... the problem is that album art is showing up over in the photo app. I have 650 photos in there now, all of repeat album artwork! This didnt happen on the Treo when using the same exact procedure.

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