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    This might help some. Apparently Sprint is doing a campaign to try keep customers and are giving $100 credit if you extend your contract for 2 years. Since I just got my wife a pre we had to sign 2 years on Saturday for our shared plan so I thought they were trying to get me to commit to 4 years. Not so. It is only from today (6/8/09) So we got a pre saturday, $100 rebate, and now a $100 credit plus what I got as written below......... not a bad deal....

    That was from the regular customer service #.

    I called and talked to someone in "customer retentions" and told him that I was losing minutes compared to my other plan that I had before upgrading to the everything plan. He offered me a free feature called "call 3" or something like that where you give them 3 numbers and they will give you unlimited calling to.... Anyway.... If you are looking for a discount you may want to try either of these options.
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    We've known about Pick 3 for quite some time, and the $100 credit is not new either, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $But$ $thanks$ $for$ $the$ $heads$ $up$
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    cool.. i just thought that it was funny that they would offer me $100 credit 2 days after I bought the pre with a 2 year contract..... I guess they might have waited to offer the credit until after the launch since everyone would do it automatically on Sat.
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    Wait did SPRINT call you w/the offer? Or did you call them?
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    I called sprint to give them the "Pick3" numbers and the customer service rep didn't know the special code so I had to be transferred to retentions.... Before transferring me she asked if I wanted to get a $100 credit if I entered into a 2 year agreement.
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    I got a free Airave ($100 value) and free Airave service for life of the account ($4.99 a month value) after complaining that Pre gets even less service than my last phone. It's kinda true, I never had good service though, but I was OK with it paying $30 a month. But now that I have an Everything plan, I am not going to let them get away with that.

    But this is nothing new, if you have really bad service at home, they'll give you a free Airave.

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