First I like to say to those who are loving their new Pre, hats off to ya. I know how fun it is to frolick in the afterglow and bond with a new toy. I'm jelous! I fully expected that once I quickly confirmed Pre had all the obvious but critical features within those apps we business folk use I too would be spanking it to multiple apps open at once and as a sprint user, the ability to flick "jestures" on my screen like those cool iphone folks do. Wow, i'd arrived. Not really.......

Having said that, I am suprised of an area that fell short and hopefully now find mind self as part of evil-doers, and growing list of those who hope to be be a catalyst for change - it takes time though.

My first basic litmus test:
I went to several stores to review the Pre. In every case, I asked the salesperson to do the following: "make an appointment for, say July 15th at 3:30 pm with an audible reminder three hours before then click save so I can get a visual confirmation on the month view (or any view for that matter). every case I watched in pain as they tried, looking like a caveman staring at fire for the first time - bewilderment. The reason is because you can't do it. (try it Pre lovers). You can choose from 1 hr, 1 day+ advance reminders but nothing else. 45min? no, 2 hrs? no, 4.5hrs? no. So if like most business people you set appointments and reminders withing the same day you have no options. Ya, sounds pretty over-the-top to point that out, but without it, its crippling.

Should we carry a blackberry or treo as well to use just for the calendar? Of course this expectation will be deemed picky or negative or something like that.

A good workable calander that allows few steps to set appointments with standard options ta boot is a staple for any business person. (it is one of the reasons you don't see people using standard flip phones for business use that have little if any calendar application - they take umpteen steps to set an appt but its ok, those phones are for kids and blue heads who don't use the calendars much of at all.)

Every phone I have owned has provided the ability to sync contacts and calendar without needing a corporate exchange server. "Apparently" out of the box the Pre does not do this either. So for business people, they'll need to go on a permanent vacation until Pre fixes this if they choose to go with this phone or carry a second phone or palm pilot. Both Palm and Blackberry have moved us along a continuum over the years of both what to expect and rely on since we have merged our utilization into the phones and features they have created. So when they shift away at the attempt to become the iphone killer and forget what got them to the dance on the first place the loose many at the attempt to create an image they too are cutting edge and may not have even nailed that. Can anyone say the Big-3?

So for many of us, when the folks at Palm revealed the big ta-da, these gaps in technology sceamed out loud to us. As a Palm OS guy from the early 90's with the old US Robotics Palm, I knew that I would have to give up that great Palm OS at some point, which I did last year when forced to go with a Blackberry Curve (which its once critisized calander / contact app have never looked better - I say that cringing thinking I never would say that).

Look, I agree 1000% that every product has its trade-offs and adoption period (I used to fall asleep cursing the BB trackball) and some of the complaints can seem minor (I miss the pop down sunglasses holder in the ceiling of my old car) but ya make due. But a car that can only make right turns won't cut it unless all I do is sit in my car and multi-task between musics, calls, navigation, radio, food and great graphics.

Ok so the Pre isn't for me - its not all about me. But I am wondering if this technology did more than loose old time Palm OS guys but also those of us hobbling along with BB or Treos thinking we were using "soon to be antiquanted technology", or....did they missed the mark on those iphone lovers out there as well - not really nailing it with any one target group except those who use their phones if more like a multimedia toy with biz application secondary.

Pre seems to be a nice concept phone that still needs work. Or, if your bottom-line or anything really important isn't tied to your PDA's abilities. Many of us will be watching from the sidelines on this one, NOT in hopes of Pre failure (no pun intended), but that the still present void in that next cool phone that builds on what works and offers exciting change as well will hit sometime soon. There is a LOT of us out here and we use Blackberrys, Treos and the like, hoping for more but knowing what we have gives us the basic or staple business functions.

Or, someone can join forces with me an write a great calendar app and contacts app and we can get rich.