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    I've noticed that contacts are synced to something called "Palm Profile". I can log into the Palm website with the same login I use on the phone, and have options to remote wipe the phone, but can't find any way to look at the contacts stored there.

    Is there any way to do view and edit contacts in the "Palm Profile" online? Is this functionality planned? It would be useful and also be a way to get to your contacts should your phone die and you need to call someone from a different phone.
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    I suggest you use Google for your contacts. Odd how you can't view your contacts on the Palm Profile, isn't it? Hope they fix it soon.
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    Palm profile just does a backup, and only of contacts, calendar and preferences. I was really hoping it would be like an online version of palm desktop. Maybe in the future.
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    I would think a lot of ppl wouldn't want this function for security reasons. But maybe they can make it an option ppl can turn on, if they'd like?
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    I think the only thing it is used for is to back up your data, and there is a function that allows you to erase your Pre
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    You can only access the backup function from the phone. All you can do on the web with a computer is change passwords and erase the device. I'm sure this is by design.

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