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    Eh...who cares? The vast majority of people who bought the Pre are Sprint customers. The vast majority of people on Sprint are there because of the affordable plans. A $99 iPhone doesn't affect them in any form or fashion.

    Palm needs to continue to sell the Pre to Sprint customers. They will get some new customers from other carriers, but they need to grab as much of that 49 million customer Sprint base as possible in the short term.
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    Even if they give out iPhones for free I still would get the Palm Pre. Sprint has affordable plans and discounts of all sorts.
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    Well, I think I'm going to wait now, to see if the price drops or if sprint eases some of it's plan restrictions. I really don't want to be locked into a new contract anyway. A month ago I wouldn't have complained much about having to add 20.00 to my bill for an everything plan, but since someone hit my car recently, I now have 250-300 more I'm putting out in expenses for insurance and a car payment, so I'd feel that 20 bucks. I was on the fence anyway with the issues people are having with the over heating, and I want to see how many other people have issues cracking the screen. I really want a new phone, but my treo has been trouble free since I got it. I bought the TEP expecting issues, but haven't had a single issue to contact sprint about.
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    What I think is really funny is that current iPhone owners don't realize what just got done to them.

    Apple looked around and said "We've got a new phone to offer. Who is going to be the most likely folks to line up and buy it? Why, those folks out there that already have iPhones and their belt clips. And, what are they going to do with their current iPhones when they buy the new handy-dandy one? Guys, continued production costs very little, let's drop our current phones to $99 before our current crop of users start dumping theirs to buy the new model."

    Think I'm wrong? Ask folks what a Centro goes for these days...
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    Quote Originally Posted by deleonj1225 View Post
    .... Did you see the tear down cost comparison for the Pre, it was $170 in parts. Sell that phone for $99 and then you can rest assured Palm would dissappear...
    Do what I mentioned (and what Apple did) the carriers will drop the price through further subsidies
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    Guys I hope I am wrong but you seem to keep missing the point that the Sprint lower cost over time argument doesn't stack up when you look outside the US.

    Just step forward to a short time from now (God I hope its not much longer) before a GSM version is out there and the prices of the plans are roughly equal.

    Also the 49million Sprint customers are not smart phone buyers. In fact how many are?
    Also they will need to wait for their contracts to expire won't they !

    Surely its also about grabbing new customers
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