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    Has anyone else started to get better battery life out of the Pre? I've turned off the wifi and bluetooth radios and put the brightness all the way down. I've also set it to turn the screen off after 30 seconds, and download email only every 2 hours.

    Took the phone off of the charger this morning (around 7:15am) and it's at about 60%. During the day I was pretty busy so I really didnt' get to play with the phone. Just had what's a normal level of usage for me. That battery level is about the same as what I would have expected on my Centro. I may still get the Seidio extended battery.

    Anyone else feeling a little better about battery performance today?
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    Yup! After letting it charge on Touchstone overnight it seemed to last much longer. Still not great, but a noticeable improvement. I have also taken to using the standby button in the upper right corner to turn off the screen immediately when I'm done with whatever I'm doing on my Pre.

    Took mine off the Touchstone at about 8:00 AM. By noon I had sent/received about 20 SMS's and 10 emails. I spoke on the phone for about an hour total. I used the web to look up a few things, but that was maybe 5 minutes worth of real web browsing. I had 70% left on my battery then.

    This is about twice as good as the previous day and today was slightly heavier usage.
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    Batteries need to be broken the less and less you play with the new toy haha....the less and less it'll lose unnecessary battery.

    Real world usage i think its similar to the G1 and iPhone.
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    Seido is currently working on a bigger battery with twice the capacity other than the 1350 that they now offer. The only problem, it will make the phone sightly thicker and heavier.
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    mine is better I charged it to 100% at 6am i unplugged it from the charger now is 8:15 and I have 96% left I checked email twice and send couple sms during that time and checked few times appstore
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    I've found the culprit to be the radio. When I'm home I have bluetooth off but WiFi on because this turns off the EVDO radio. I also keep the open apps to a minimum (usually about 2) and I was shocked how little the battery went down. We're talking it took 10min for it to go from 100% to 98% All the while email is coming in and alerting me.

    I encourage other people to test this configuration along with screen brightness down and time to turn of set to 30 seconds.

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