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    Hi. I hope everyone is enjoying their Palm Pre phones! I've been visiting the Pre in stores everyday as I can not buy one yet because I'm stuck with AT&T. But at least I have my Palm Treo 680.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody has the sound clips that come with the Palm Pre for each notification (alarm sounds, SMS received, calendar alerts) all of those because I'd love to have those on my Treo. I know how to, I just need the files. Please help if you have the sounds! Thanks!
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    Sorry to post again I just don't want this topic to get lost before someone can help.

    Does anybody have the sounds?
    Thank you so much.
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    Here are the ringtones... don't think any other sounds on the phone can be easily taken off (in USB mode). Maybe the rest are in the ROM?

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    Would someone be as kind as to share these sounds again?
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    You can get them from the pivotCE article about mimicking webOS in android. Here's the file download The article is here
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    Do they use the same sounds in LuneOS? I guess they'd be on github if so...
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    Thank you, Alan. I have downloaded the archive and I will have a closer look at it sometime.
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