View Poll Results: How has your reception changed if you were on Sprint before getting the Pre?

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  • Remained the same

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  1.    #1 many of you have no problem with reception?
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    I'm confused at this thread, reception better before pre? Had a centro and it was normal, no problems to report ...

    Pre on the other hand very weak in and out in just about every town around my area except one (not to mention poor in my house) ...
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    no difference
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    Reception is better than the Centro. Could the difference between being in a 4G city as opposed to non make a difference?
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    I am trying to pin it down to see what the problem is and if it is limited to a certain state, or a certain area.

    I apologize, the title was not very clearly written, what I meant to say was:

    If you are a current Sprint customer, do you have better reception with the Pre than with your previous phone, or is the reception worse with the Pre when compared to your previous phone.

    But that would have been too long of a

    Also, it would be interesting if people participating in this poll would check their location on Sprints coverage map to see how Sprint rates your locations signal strength. My house is in the "good" zone.
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    What I am finding is that areas with the Pre that I normally have good reception with on my STP is actually rock solid on the Pre. Hell... Even better than the Treo Pro.

    Now its quite the opposite with weak areas... Fringe areas its not only worse (where the TP can muster a lil bar and try to squeeze out some service but also lose it too) it's awful and I am getting that reception issue with up/down/roam/major battery drainage.

    Bitter sweet for me eh?
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    Pushing this baby back to the top...need more input for a more accurate result!
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    Got worse is about to take the lead!
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    The "bars" readout makes it look like less but I have not had any problems. It even goes into roaming much easier than my Touch Pro. Sometimes I knew I was in a roaming area but it just wouldn't kick in on the TP.
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    I'm with Neodorian. From the bars they don't look as strong as my Centro did, but no real 'problems' to report.
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    Got worse for me, but its not all bad. I only got 1 bar before the pre now i have3 bars in roaming. At least I can carry a converstation without getting dropped calls.

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