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    When I click on an attached .wav file in an email it launches a player of some sort, appears to load the file, then displays the error "There was an error playing the file."
    According to the tech. specs, .wav files are supposed to be compatible.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    not working on mine either..
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    same here
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    this issue has been resolved for me as of the 1.4 update
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    Quote Originally Posted by azkevman View Post
    this issue has been resolved for me as of the 1.4 update
    Not here. They still won't play.
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    UPDATE: I have realized that I had the "GSM Wave Codec" developed by zsoc installed prior to upgrading to 1.4

    I have now confirmed that my .wav voicemails are indeed only playing in 1.4 when this codec plugin is installed. So, it looks like Palm did not provide the solution as previosuly I had thought, but yet once again the homebrew community has stepped up!!

    If you are having problems playing .wav files atached to voicemails, I highly reccommend giving the plugin available in Preware a try. I know for me it was not working prior to 1.4, but now it is.

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