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    Considering the post on, I figured I would put in my two cents.

    The best program I have found for ringtones is WavePad... download for free at

    This will allow you to cut bits out of songs for ringtone creation, amplify them 400 percent and still maintian 320 kbps quality. Really, it's a cake walk.

    Let me know if you have questions.
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    Also, you can make additional changes to your ringers like fade in, which mimicks the increasing ringer if you like that.
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    Awesome find! I've been using Nero's Wave Editor, which is waaaay more complex than what I need (imagine using Protools to simply cut a wav file in half).

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    help help i used itunes to get my music now something happen and itunes dont recognize the palm pre.... can someone tell me how to remove all songs....thank u

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