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    Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers,

    Okay, so I have had my phone for 2 days and have tried to access all features the phone can or CANNOT offer. I really want to keep this phone, HOWEVER, there are some glowing omissions that even the basics of phones have as features.

    I am starting to feel like this is just a half-baked Instinct makeover. I had to return the Instinct because of its lack of email capability at launch, but it wasn't advertised as a PDA right?. So, my fault.

    I have to say, I am a little disappointed with some of the "business capabilities" or lack thereof from Palm. I understand this is a new market but don't overlook what past or present Palm users liked the best about the older devices. I didn't need an "APP" for everything with my Palm, because it had all of the basic features I needed to work! I can overlook some of the "play" features that may not have been included at launch, but not basic email and text features. Were there any old school Palm or RIM heads in the R & D department while this phone was being developed?

    In a perfect world I would have all of my wishes, in the following list, come true before my 30 day trial is up.

    1) Sort by NAME and date. Synergy huh? What advantange do I have with all of my emails if I have to wade through 1000 of them to find 1 email from 1 contact (Glowing omission and a personal deal breaker for me!)

    2) Copy and paste in existing emails, not just when you reply or forward.

    1) Fowarding (Geez! Do have I have to say glowing omission?)
    2) Sort by name and date
    4) Copy and paste

    1) Scrolling in a drop-down menu that can't fit in one frame. (E.g. per a blogger on Pre-Central- go to, tap on the "select a movie" arrow. There is no way to scroll down the list!)

    Despite some of my snide comments, I really do like the phone overall. I am not an expert in phone technology, but I really don't think I am asking for much. Please make my wishes come true!

    Your Loyal Palm Follower,


    PS I need my wishes to come true by July 6, 2009 if at all possible :-)
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    Pardon my "glowing error". I mean to say "glaring omission"

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