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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhead View Post
    maybe they decided to sell you one of the ones with someone elses name on it and wanna make that quick sell to you. then tell the other person whos pre you are puchasing, that the shipment with their name on it was delayed or late... lots of scenerios. whether they are right or wrong, I guess you'll never know unless you get them to confess to the lies and scandals they are pulling over on You.

    enjoy your pre! I hope you don't come right back here and complain about stuff you knew it didn't do before you bought it.

    oh and imagine that, you just lied to get your way. or did you?


    really though, I do hope you enjoy it.
    I hope it's more along the lines of they gave him one of the units that they trained employees on. Lol, then he'll have something else to start a conspiracy theory on.

    Dude, lift up the battery cover and check for stay pubic hairs -_-.
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    The manufacture dates on the phones are from mid-late May. They JUST made them a couple weeks ago. If they were holding back we would see manufacture dates from an earlier date.

    There are over 100 people on the waiting list at my Sprint store. The phone is a hot commodity. Is that really hard to believe?
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    Palm will be kicking themselves if they don't get them out. With apple's iPhone now at $99
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonKS View Post
    I was eligible for my 2 year upgrade ($150) for quite some time. I was waiting to re-up my contract until the Pre was released. I got mine on Saturday morning at Best Buy - I paid $199 (after they auto deducted the $100 rebate). So I am not sure why anyone is being told they cannot use their $150 upgrade toward the Pre at the $299 price - unless of course you do not want to commit to a 2 year contract - then of course you are going to pay retail.
    I think he wanted the new customer price plus the upgrade equaling $49 =/
    Sorry dude that's not how it works
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    Quote Originally Posted by TVMA View Post
    Palm will be kicking themselves if they don't get them out. With apple's iPhone now at $99
    Doesn't the Spint + Pre v's $99 iphone + AT&T total amount still favour Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Doesn't the Spint + Pre v's $99 iphone + AT&T total amount still favour Pre.
    yes but.. consumers are poor at rationally considering the total cost of ownership, they just see the numbers $99 and that's it.
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    Since it seems no-one else here wants to explain the pricing issue in detail here ya go:

    $549.99 full retail price of Palm Pre
    -$150.00 your 2-year qualified upgrade discount (the same discount a new to sprint customer gets)
    -$100.00 instant rebate from Sprint (only 2-year qualified upgrade customers or NEW customers get this.)
    $299.99 POS price (Sprint corp. stores and preferred dealers)
    -$100.00 Mail-in rebate (Which Best Buy gives you at the register, the MIR is only for new or 2-year qualified upgrade customers.)
    $199.99 final price

    If your local Sprint store is making you pay $450 there is either some hanky panky going on or you are not actually due for the discount you believe you are due for.

    Taco, I personally believe you're a troll, but I figured I'd explain this all anyway for those who don't know how it works.
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