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    there appears to be some kind of sensor that shuts the screen off when you put the phone to your ear. I often have to switch to my contacts, notes, etc when I'm on a call so there is a delay getting the screen back.

    anyone know how to keep the screen on all the time?
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    It's a feature. The sensor is called a proximity sensor. It's used to keep you from accidentally hitting the touchscreen with your face while on a call. Not sure if it can be turned off.
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    It also helps save battery juice while you're talking on the phone. I like it because it's not lighting up my face at night. You could use a blue tooth ear piece or the included head phones.
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    i love that, but the first time it did it i said wtf? and i knew it was a feature.

    ha ha
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    There is a way to turn it off, Move the phone away from your face
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    it's an awesome feature! I love it and NM08SRT8 check your PM's.
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    The iPhone has the same thing. It's a proximity sensor. Haven't hit a button with my face yet =)
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    the phone lights back up when you pull it away from your face..
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    it's in the upper right hand corner of the phone. so if you want to use the phone while you're on a call, either put it on speakerphone (which disables it), or keep the upper right of the phone clear
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    ahh.. i see what he is saying now..
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    great idea so your phone or cheek doesn't accidentally hit a key but the screen should still be lit. it was confusing to see the screen flash on and off.

    also there is a lag when you pull the phone away from your face to switch apps...
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    ...This might be too early, but I think I just solved the problem.

    After buying the phone, I thought I would do myself a favor and keep the screen protector that comes with it on, to help keep the screen clean. However with only the last couple days of use the protector peeled back at the top and kind of got dirty underneath.

    I just realized based on this thread that I may be blocking the sensor with the old, nasty sheet protector. I've taken it off and voila! -- no screen shut off during calls.

    ...Make sure that upper right corner is not blocked, if you have anything obstructing it like a dirty screen protector or something remove it.

    Good luck!

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