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    I see that the screen goes blank when you put the phone up to yoru ear so that you don't disconnect accidently but when i bring the phone back down to either hit a button like on for voicemail it will not come back up.
    I have to hit the * button to end my call and then the screen will come back on.

    Any ideas why. I did the updates from the screen and the PRL updates too.

    reset the phone too.
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    Nevermind. Its about time to take the plastic screen protector off. It was waving in front of the speaker and causing it to think it was by your head. took it off and works like a charm.
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    This was driving me crazy and I thought there might be something wrong with my phone, then I found this post and took the screen proctect that came on the phone off and it worked just fine!
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    I have had the same issue for a few days and was really glad to see this post. The plastic screen protector was my problem too. This tidbit needs to be passed around since there aren't many things worse than buying a new phone that can't be used for phone calls!
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    You guys actually left that thing on your phone? That's the first thing I took off!

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