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    I was just trying some of the old codes to see what would work with the PRE

    Here is what I found.

    For Reverse Logistics Support (Act Date, Date of Manuf, PRL, etc)

    Type on Dial pad: ##786#

    Debug Parameters also works.

    Type on Dial Pad: ##debug#

    Username also works.

    Type on Dial Pad: ##data#

    This is where you can restore the phone and other fun stuff.

    If anyone else knows of other codes just can add it to this post.

    Have Fun.
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    Change Data mode

    Options are:
    1xRTT only
    EVDO Rev 0 only
    Hybrid Rev 0
    EVDO only
    Hybrid Rev A
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    With, ##786#, is the warranty date code the build date?
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    With, ##786#, is the warranty date code the build date?
    I wouldn't think so, mine was 05/31/09, but the recon date was --/--/-- so I dunno dude.
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    ##GPS# also works. I can't remember if this was the case on my old phones but the Pre gave me elevation. I thought it was pretty cool. Also it was relatively accurate.
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    Mine was 5/09/2009. The recon date probably means recondition date (i.e. if the phone has been refurbished.)
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    I am pretty sure the Warranty date is manufacturing date. Mine is 5/22/09. Recon date is reconditioned date. You shouldn't have anything there. There is another thread discussing manufacturing date:

    If I go by that one it says mine was manufactures on 5/23/09. I tend to think that it really was made 5/22/09. I believe the phone.
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    Cool. Mine says 5/26/09
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    Uh oh, some potential bad news for some. I turned on airplane mode, restarted the phone, and tried to use ##GPS# to get a fix, and I was told a GPS error has occurred.

    I was indoors but standing near a window at the time. I have Bluetooth receivers that get a fix from that location.

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