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    went 12 hours today with mixed use
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    Quote Originally Posted by bsaint9 View Post
    Do you have an aim account configured? Not just the messaging app running, but an aim account setup?
    No I don't have an AIM account setup. I have gmail, a POP mail, and google calendar synced up. Gmail is set to push as it arrives.
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    I think that battery life has been improving with every charge, well with my phone anyway. First day was a bit dissapointing after the first full charge, but today the phone came of the charger at 11am at 100% charged. It is currently 10pm and it just hit 58%. I have downloaded 6 apps today,played around with the apps, browsed the net for about 2hrs, a couple of 30min calls,some texting, pandora for about 45min and have just been messing around with the phone on and off all day with wifi on and the other settings off. Im happy with todays results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by playaj View Post
    went 12 hours today with mixed use
    ^Same here.

    100% at start of day. Turned Bluetooth, GPS & Background notifications off (sorry, Google ). Haven't touched default brightness settings yet. Good amount of email use all day, sporadic wifi usage here & there, some Pandora listening at lunch, other various PDA/Phone functions all day long.

    Get home 12 hours later and I'm at 28%... nothing stellar, but I'll take it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripsbacks View Post
    Do you have a nuclear power cell running your pre? I only get 5 hours total idle time with everything turned off.
    i call BS on this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjjones View Post
    Eguy you might share your other settings (brightness etc)?? it might help hbg and others?
    My Brightness is about 25% and turns off after 1 minute. I have only Gmail pushing right now.

    It is 11:18pm now and it is down to 26%. I had the battery drain/hot temperature thing a little earlier tonight and I reset the Pre and the problem went away and it cooled right down.

    I did notice when I turn my Wifi on, the battery goes STRAIGHT down. EVDO is much easier on the battery.
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    I am suprised how quickly some of your pre's are running out of juice.

    I took my Pre off the touchstone about 10:30 am and at 11 pm i got the 20% remaining notice.

    Email: gmail set to as it arrives; live set to 1 hour; school email set to as it arrives
    Chat: google talk on all day. Used it regulary today 1.5 - 2 hours of chatting throughout the day. no aim
    Bluetooth: on all day, very little active use
    WiFi: off
    Web: about 1-1.5 hours of browsing througout the day
    Phone: made a few short calls
    screen: default brightness, turns off after 1 min
    gps: on
    multitasking: Lots! sometimes even left multiple cards open when i put the phone to sleep.

    I also downloaded and briefly used some apps and used gmaps a few times to find stores. I feel like today was a heavier day of use for me and it still lasted through the day. So far I am happy with the results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    Battery life is terrible had to take my charger to work with me and charge it a few times I never had to carry a charger with me all day just for a phone!

    i have always had a second charger, even back to the treo 270.

    i got two touchstones coming soon.
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