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    I took it off the charger at 8am. I'm now at 69% with moderate usage.

    Bluetooth off
    Wifi off
    Gmail push on "As they arrive"
    GPS on
    Googletalk AIM: off
    Brightness: Factory default
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Connected to google talk or AIM?

    not connected that i know of. im deleting the accounts as we speak. i have no need for either on there.
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    Off charger at 9 AM EST. 50% as of 3:30PM EST.

    Email - 1hr
    Brightness - mid
    Chat: off
    Wifi: off, but on for 1hr today
    Bluetooth: off
    GPS: on

    Usage: moderate. Made a speed/multitasking video, did some web browsing, installed a few apps.
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    off the charger at 7:30 AM EST, Moderate use throughout the day (showing off), No wifi, no BT, no chat, bright at facrtory settings, GMail push. Still at 53%, VERY PLEASED
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    In the last 11 minutes it has dropped from 75% to 68% while it sat on my desk unused and the phone is really hot for some unknown reason.
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    first day back at work, showing it off not good for the battery.
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    Im actually pretty happy

    I have wifi off, BT off, screen at 20%

    from 8am to now, 43% left, 3 email accounts checked about 5 times. I have AIM on all the time.

    made 15 calls.

    Im quite happy with the battery so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k1dude View Post
    In the last 11 minutes it has dropped from 75% to 68% while it sat on my desk unused and the phone is really hot for some unknown reason.
    you might want to check your settings since it might be downloading (maybe update package?) in background.
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    I know this sounds wierd, but I think you get better battery life with Gmail set as Push as it arrives, instead of checking every 15 mins. I tested this this yesterday, afternoon than this morning only using email everything else of and over a 3 hour period used 4% less battery with Gmail set to push..

    go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Diako View Post
    Pulled it off the charger at 10:47am very little use. gps off, wifi off, and im at 47%
    jesus!!!! thats horrid
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    815AM - 100%
    245PM - 62%

    BT: off
    wifi: off
    gps/locate: on
    brightness: halfway
    gmail: as item arrives

    received roughly 20 or so emails. sent out a few
    sent roughly 20 or so texts.
    downloaded a few apps and played with a few.
    no internet browsing as of yet

    also, i dont get good reception at my desk. so im sure the battery is used more cuz of that. sucks.

    ill know more after a few days if its better than my diamond
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    Off at 8am. Checked email once. 92% at 3:43pm.

    Bluetooth off
    Wifi Off
    Gmail push off
    Yahoo mail: as it arrives
    GPS off
    chat: off
    location services: off
    Brightness: low (under the "ght" in "Brightness")

    91% now...
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    It's been off the charger since about 7AM. It's now close to 4PM and it's at 50%. Very light usage today. Mainly showing the phone off to people, clearing notifications, and getting the latest apps from the App Cat.

    Bluetooth ON
    Wifi Off
    Gmail push Off
    Exchange mail: On
    GPS ON
    chat: Off
    location services: Off
    Brightness: Default level
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    I pulled it off at 8:30 am and have been listening to pandora almost the whole time and have spaz updating every 5 minutes as well as push gmail. As of right now I'm at 41%, so not horrible.. I think once they fix the radio issues it'll be much better though.
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    Well, it looks like my battery life concerns may have been a bit premature.

    It's now 12:40p, and my phone has been off the charger since 6:05a, and is currently sitting at 70% battery life. On Saturday it was draining at an alarming rate, but was a bit better on Sunday. Today I have sent about 30 text messages, 3-4 emails, and been on the phone for about 30 minutes.

    The only thing I did was lower the brightness to about 20%. Everything else has stayed the same settings wise.

    EVDO on
    GPS on
    Wi-Fi off
    Location on
    Screen idle - 1 minute
    Email on my primary IMAP "as items arrive"
    The other 2 are on a 5 minute fetch

    I think the battery is finding its legs after a couple of full charges and this can often be the case with the Li-Ion based batteries. Still going to need a week of charge/usage for real results, but I'm really liking what I'm seeing here.
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    Hard to say on mine, I've been using the touchstone approach, to the point I'm thinking of getting a second one to have at the office instead of taking my current on between two places (or just buying a second cable and just bring the touchstone between house and office).

    I LOVE the touchstone simply because it acts like a cradle did for me...IE I can just sit it on the touchstone and unless I need to type most of the day I can leave it there. Streaming my podcasts, checking gmail as they come in, looking at the calendar, see texts as they come in, etc...can do it all while it sits on the touchstone. If I need to type I pull it off, type, and on it goes. Only have it off at work when I'm going to a meeting, walking around the office, lunch, etc.

    So on a normal days use I will probably be able to keep from ever even getting close to 50% no matter how heavy I use it in between going home and work.

    Seriously, if we get an onscreen keyboard it'll be perfect as I won't even need to take it from the touchstone at times.
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    5:30am removed from charge 100%
    6:00-6:30am 1/2 hour of web browsing Off
    Fair amount of show off during the day prbly 15-20 1-2 minute sessions
    3:30PM 27%

    my settings.. basically everything is on, I have made no effort to conserve battery power.

    Bluetooth: On
    Wifi: On
    Gmail push: As it arrives
    personal imap: As it arrives
    GPS: On
    chat(gtalk/aim): On
    location services: On
    Brightness: Factory Default
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    yes thank god for my touchstone at work...i've had it on the touchstone since 8am this morning when i got to work...because ive been running pandora all day. ive taken it off a few times to respond to some texts and look at some emails. so it's 100%

    ill have to see how i do this coming wknd...granted i wont be playing pandora all day
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    My phone is on its last leg as we speak. I know its under 10% and I'm getting the "phone will shut down very soon" message. I took it off the charger at about 8am. I definitely need to buy another charger for work. I was doing that with the 755p. I've had Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and chat off all day.
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    Took it off of the charger at 9am... its 6:01pm with no battery left. This phone gets abysmal battery life for me.

    I think it has something to do with the radio. If I put it on airplane mode, it lasts forever.
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