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    My problem is the email syncing. I have 3 hotmail and 1 gmail accoun setup. I have them set to "manual" but when I launch one of the accounts and hit the refresh button it takes forever to download the new emails. It just heats up and kills the battery. I'm talking about like 4 small hotmails and it takes hours to pull them down. The problem is you can't kill the "refresh" so it just continues to search.. Anyone figure out how to kill it?
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    I’m turning off my hotmail account on the pre tonight in hopes that it stops my battery drain. I left my house at 7:30 on a full charge. Maybe used the phone for 30mins today and made one 2 minete phone call to my girlfriend to check the battery status on her phone. (She left at 8am on a full charge and still had 68% left at a little after 5) I was at 8% and the night before had turned off location, put screen brightness down as low as it can go, changed email syncs on my 2 accounts to an hour. She also said that she had been showing her Pre off all day while I had not. She has AOL pushing, location on, brightness at default but no hotmail. If it is not just an issue with hotmail I have no other choice but to call the store and hope they replace it when they get more in. Love the phone outside of the power issue.

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