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    Okay folks.. I used to own and be an editor for During those times I've collected a lot of direct numbers to different companies PRPRPR $firms$.

    I just contacted Palms PRPRPR $and$ $let$ $them$ $know$ $that$ $the$ &$quot$;$Distortion$&$quot$; $thread$ $was$ $posted$ $on$ $engadget$ $and$ $gizmodo$ ($Which$ $she$ $knew$!)... $So$ $she$ $took$ $down$ $information$ $and$ $will$ $be$ $calling$ $me$ $back$ $pretty$ $quickly$ ($Thats$ $at$ $least$ $what$ $she$ $said$)..

    If you guys have any questions you want me to ask.. Please post them now. I'll do my best to get them all answered!
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    Are there plans for the Pre to support PIN and remote wipe via EAS in the immediate future? Or is that user base out of luck for using the Pre?
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    ask them to please create a software keyboard to compliment the real one
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    Please ask about sync between Pre tasks and Google tasks!
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    Then only thing I want:

    Please do something about the battery life. I love the phone, they have me as a cutomer, but this bad battery life will make for some difficult times.
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    Tell them we need PAM/Tethering capability
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    I dont think they can do much with that and keep the form. I say wait for some third party extended battery there is already one coming out that is 1350 instead of 1100
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    Battery life, poor signal, SDK RELEASE DATE!!!!
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    I don't think PRPRPR $can$ $help$ $us$, $unless$ $they$ $can$ $point$ $out$ $where$ $to$ $report$ $these$ $bugs$!
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    Ask them to include a software keyboard... sometimes you really have to type like 1 word, and it's not worth sliding open.

    Also, ask them about adding an autocorrect feature, so you could just fly on the keyboard, and just hit in the general area of where the letter should be, and using some t9-esque technology have it be able to figure out what word you're typing.

    Also, tell them the lag is really really really annoying, and really detracts from the palm pre experience.... uuumm, other than that, tethering and whatever else has already been mentioned.
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    Can they please give us an updated WebOS PIM, that has at least some of the same functions as the old Palm OS PIM, ie. task, memos, etc.

    Also would like to be able to dismiss a call with an SMS notification.

    We need to be able to access the SMS txt apps on its own without havng to go thru each client
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    Pass on the bug list that is stickied here...ESPECIALLY the parts about the calendar not showing events reliably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSjmg2477 View Post
    Are there plans for the Pre to support PIN and remote wipe via EAS in the immediate future? Or is that user base out of luck for using the Pre?
    Ask this one again and again and again.
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    Ask if led message notifications when the screen is off is coming as an option in a software update.
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    Yahoo syncing capability!!!!!!!!!
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    Keep em coming... I'm sure she can help w/ most of these questions, but not sure about a few, but it wont hurt to ask.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    Pass on the bug list that is stickied here...
    Yup...that's the best thing you could do...that bug list is exactly why I am NOT buying a pre right now...I really wanted one for the past few months...but not until it's improved and less buggy.
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    Reception issues
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    I need exchange to work without SSL or expired SSL. Also I dont believe self signed certs. work either!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tntsniper View Post
    I just contacted Palms PRPRPR $and$ $let$ $them$ $know$ $that$ $the$ &$quot$;$Distortion$&$quot$; $thread$ $was$ $posted$ $on$ $engadget$ $and$ $gizmodo$ ($Which$ $she$ $knew$!)... $So$ $she$ $took$ $down$ $information$ $and$ $will$ $be$ $calling$ $me$ $back$ $pretty$ $quickly$ ($Thats$ $at$ $least$ $what$ $she$ $said$)..
    Hey tntsniper, I was going to start a thread to get people's ideas about how to let palm know of our complaints and requests for next WebOS update. I was thinking of finding someone who knew someone from palm's PRPRPR $and$ $fortunately$ $here$ $I$ $found$ $your$ $thread$. $Can$ $you$ $just$ $ask$ $them$ $or$ $tell$ $them$ $to$ $consistently$ $watch$ $PreCentral$ $forums$ $for$ $our$ $needs$ $and$ $requests$ $of$ $new$ $features$ $or$ $things$-$to$-$be$-$fixed$. $Here$ $are$ $some$ $threads$ $already$ $along$ $with$ $a$ $sticky$ $bugslist$ $thread$ $which$ $have$ $compiled$ $a$ $list$ $of$ $such$ $things$. $If$ $palm$ $just$ $actively$ $monitors$ $precentral$ $forums$, $we$ $would$ $at$ $least$ $know$ $our$ $crys$ $are$ $getting$ $to$ $their$ $ears$ $and$ $sooner$ $or$ $later$ $they$ $will$ $address$ $the$ $issues$ $or$ $requests$.
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