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    I took my phone back this morning to exchange it, I was having issues with the touchscreen not working (intermittently). That went pretty smooth considering the customer rep had seen the problem saturday when they were activating my phone. I saw the problem too but thought it just might need a screen cal, which this phone doesn't have/need.

    The backup restore brought my contacts over, which was good since I had to manually enter them because they could not transfer them from my Rumor.

    My Launcher customizations did not transfer.

    My photos and ring tones did not transfer. Luckily, I only had 2 junk photos and a couple ringtones I had on my PC.

    I'm not completely sure what the backup profile is suppose to backup, but I thought I would let everyone know about the results I had.

    I'm a happy camper now.
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    I just restored from a phone erase when I switched phone to a different line on my account. Tech support rep assured me that the backup indeed backed up everything and that I would have everything restored. So, I wiped, but as stated above, my pics didn,t come back_ nor did browser bookmarks. It seemed hard to believe that sprint would really be backing up everyone's 8GB worth of data.

    So what is backed up by default? Are there setting to choose what to back up? Any clarification would be great!

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