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  • Its Perfect

    71 54.62%
  • I have the Screen circle Distortion/Blotches/clouds

    13 10.00%
  • I have light leakage

    3 2.31%
  • I have dead pixels

    6 4.62%
  • My Pre gets really hot all the time

    0 0%
  • My Pre dies in less than 5 hours of normal/light use

    5 3.85%
  • My receiption goes crazy from 0-5 bars

    11 8.46%
  • My Pre crashed more than once for no reason

    0 0%
  • I have more than 2 of the problems listed in this poll

    13 10.00%
  • I have other problems not listed in this poll

    8 6.15%
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    I have stuck pixels
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    Quote Originally Posted by live001 View Post
    I have stuck pixels
    im sorry,

    I wish there were no hardware problems. I can stand some software glitches, but how can they fix hardware problems???
  3. H_D
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    I have light leakage at the bottom of my screen. Will they exchange it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    I'm sort of torn. It has the slight cloudy/distortion circle at the bottom but my battery life is really really good. I'm tempted to just deal with it because the rest of the phone seems to be flawless.
    That's where I am right now. The bars are misleading as they seem to fluctuate but I haven't had any issues with calls or data. I think it's more a function of how it reports something as varied as signal strength through a simple 5 bar readout.

    The screen is a little funky on the bottom where something is pressing against it from behind but I think I will deal for the time being. I have 28 days to change my mind still and I paid for insurance this time around.
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    Some of these issues...such as Dead pixels is inherent to LCD technology.

    That can hardly be blamed on the "pre".....more on LCD haha.
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