Dear Palm: It's time for an intervention

Point by point


Get Thin - Check!

Bigger High Res Display - Check!

Keyboard (dont mess with it too much) - Check!

Make it look nice - Check!

Add Wifi - Check!

Additional Storage Capacity - Check!

Overhaul the OS - Definitely check!

Be Open - Check! (webos)

True Multitasking - Check!

Embrace developers - Check!

Better Browser - Check!

Mac Support - Not sure, can a mac addict post on this?

Multimedia - Check!

Google - Check!

Stop wasting money on foleo - Check!

Make better ads - check

Stop Keeping us in the dark - (half check, they kept us in the dark to protect themselves in the market, this is understandable.) but they delivered and thats what counts.

Additional items they gave us:

USB Drive Support, better Bluetooth (stereo). A plethora of other new paradigms meant to handle our lives on the Web.

Does anyone know Who the real genius behind this new paradigm is?