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    I'm still impressed. Actual apps starting to come to the app store, more familiar with the features, BUT I am still ready for 1.0.3.

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    Where can we find out what 1.0.3 will have to offer?
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    Wish it was all wonderful for me. I love this phone and initially was going to survive 2 weeks before I made the decision to return if my issues weren't fixed. I'm carrying around my iphone to get my Exchange account synced up.

    For me, I need to get the following resolved soon or it's going back:

    An option to not use SSL in order to get my Exchange acct synching. I've talked to our IT person and enabling SSL isn't gonna happen.

    Calendar invites - Although this isn't the end of the world if I could get my Exchange working

    Reception issues - Lots of dropped calls and crazy up and down signals

    Again, please don't flame the phone, it's awesome. But I'm trying to come up with all of these work arounds and that's never a good sign.

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