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    I did search the forums before posting this. I hope I didn't miss someone who answered this already.

    I was able to sync all of my contacts from Google and love how easily I can check email now through Gmail. Howver, I can't seem to get the CHAT function to work properly though. There's no link for CHAT or talk on my email application. When I try to sign into Google directly, it keeps telling me my undername or password are wrong. I know I am inputting the correct info because I sign into Gmail all the time.

    Has anyone else had trouble working Google chat/talk? How can I get it to work?

    Btw - I am loving my Pre so far. It's my first smartphone, so that may have a lot to do with it, but I'm amazed at all I can do with this device and how easily most things work.
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    Go to the Messaging app and click on the top left menu bar to select Preferences. There you will find an Add Account button. Click this and you will find an option to add a google account. Enter in your user name and pass and select sign in. You should then be signed in to google chat. From there any of your contacts with gmail associations will show up as on or offline in your contact list depending on whether or not they are on gmail chat. (Really neat!)
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    When I followed your directions, I already had a "Google Talk" account listed there along with my SMS account. I went ahead and signed in to Google Talk.

    So from there, I go to my contact list from the launcher? I should then see if they are logged onto gmail or not? I don't see anything special on all of my contacts. I can't believe not one single person I know isn't logged on. How do I open a chat box then like I do on a regular PC when using this app. Does that question make sense?
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    As a follow-up, I called my friend and he was currently signed into Gmail, but I don't see anything different on my contact list beside his name. So how do I chat with him?
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    Youll want to make sure you are actually signed on and available as "Online" in your messaging app.

    Open up Messaging app >> Click Buddies on the top right >> Click the gray dot next to Offline and select the green dot Available.

    This should sign you on and allow you to see if all contacts are online on gmail. You can toggle each conversation between sms, gmail chat, etc in the convo window. You should see a drop down to the top right of the convo that states what mode you are currently in and selecting the dropdown should show you the other available options for the person you are in conversation with.
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    I'll keep trying, but it still doesn't seem to be working. I may be doing something wrong, but I definitely have an account and am signed in. I am online too (the green dot shows up). My friend is online and signed into Gmail, so I should see him. I sent him a message, but it has a yellow triangle next to it. What does that mean? Does it mean he signed off? When I bring up his contact info, I put in his google profile, but there is a gray dot next to his name now - again, does that mean he signed off in the interim?
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    Try this, this happenned to me after messing with my accounts

    check with a friend who has you on both msn and google chat, if he cant see you online try sending him an invite to chat again. Worked for me
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    I'll give that a shot when at home tonight. I even removed my Google Talk account, then added it again to my phone. I have my bud's google IM ID in his contact info, and he IS signed on. I just called him, but he can't see my logged on. I don't use MSN, but assume I can try this with AIM too. I'll test it out with my roommate tonight and have him sign onto his computer both on Gmail and AIM to see if he can see either of my accounts.

    I'm not that computer/smartphone literate, but I followed the directions and am 99% sure I added my google talk account and signed-up properly. I use Gmail chat all the time from home and am familiar with it.
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    Being impatient and basically going crazy while I'm at work that I can't get Google Talk to work, I went through this step by step again:

    1. Launcher > Messaging > Preferences & Accounts
    2. Google Talk was already listed there with my correct Gmail email address
    3. I clicked Google Talk & signed in.
    4. I have (2) tabs, conversation & buddies.
    5. Under the buddies tab, I have the green button showing that I am online.
    6. I've confirmed my friend is on Gmail right now & able to chat.

    Now, here are the problems:

    1. Under his contact info, my buddy is NOT showing signed in, even though he verbally confirmed just now on the phone he is

    2. Under the conversations tab, I pulled up our converstation. I can chat with him via SMS, but when I try to toggle over to Google Talk and type something, a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point appears next to what I typed in the message box

    3. My buddy cannot see me now on his chat list as being online.

    Any ideas? Doesn't it sound like I did everything right? I even tried deleting the Google Talk account and re-adding it. It didn't help. I can try what SenenCito said, but if I can't even correspond with my buddies, how am I to send them another request to chat?

    Should I try sending the request to chat with my home PC, then try getting back on Google Talk on my Pre?
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    Having issues with signing into to google accounts. Says password or username invalid. Everything is correct and I tried removing accounts and now as I try to put them back it says same thing and I lost all contacts off phone. PLEAAAASE HELP!!
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    try removing all instances of that gmail acct. (IM, email ,calender and contacts). check for duplicates. re-add to gmail acct to email (which will add it to the other apps you removed it from) then try to log in again.
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    having issues with my Messaging wont log me in happend before. last time try WEBos dr and then was able to login....after last update 1.3.5 try to log in and nothing the icon show like is login in but it wont. i try the dr again no luck just call sprint and they told me to make a new pass word just did that nothing same story also try removing all accs no luck.

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