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    It depends what the Pre is doing after the batterie reached 100%.
    1. it stops recharging and uses the power from the charger directly - would not be so bad.
    2. it let the charging status fall to a certain level and recharges again would be bad for the batterie, since it only can be recharged a certain number of times in it's life time.

    On a laptop/notebook the recommend to take the batterie of if you don't need it - on the phone - I guess you just have to buy a new batterie after two years ....

    For the moment I would recommend to disconnect the phone from the charger after recharging and connect it again if it asked you to.
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    i used to do this with my curve and the stand up dock i had for work...i never had any problems with my curves battery life and i did this for over a year.
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    The demo pre's at sprint are on the touchstone all day and I assume night.
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    it doesn't seem to be hot like it gets when it's charging. maybe it's just using the source directly?

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