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    Well, they have the same resolution, and very similar browsers, so I thought I'd try out a few games meant to be played in the iPhone browser. Sure enough, a good portion of them work! I just added the links to my launcher. Maybe we can start a list of games and links to them to be played on our Pres!

    Here is a list of games to try:
    125 Free iPhone Games -
    Under Clouds Games - Games

    Post up links and screen caps of the ones that work!
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    Castle Fued
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    Remember most Javascript games/apps will (should) also work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Paladin View Post
    Remember most Javascript games/apps will (should) also work.
    Not all. There are many actions the phone will not create, like a click and drag. There for a lot do not work. Also, not all are formatted for the resolution of this phone (and have large buttons to facilitate a touch screen)

    However, there are a lot of iPhone/iPod touch browser games that will work, and work well as they are developed for this resolution and for touch screens.

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