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    I'm going to be ordering some micro USB cables from Monoprice for charging.

    I'm also looking at an AC adapter and possibly a car charger. What is the needed output amperage needed, and are there any other unusual requirements?

    I found this adapter, which is 5v, 1amp, same as the stock palm charger. It says it doesn't charge the iPhone, which is confusing. Is it a circuitry issue with the iPhone, or is it a lack of amperage (maybe the iPhone requires > 1a).

    Does anyone know if the Pre has any unusual requirements?
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    i was told by a sprint corp rep who i trust that in training the reps were told that all charging devices must be designed for the palm as it has some unique requirements.

    my initial reaction was ...sales job, but i am reading more and more stuff about specific requirements.

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    I have a couple micro-USB cables. 1 from Palm and the other is generic. I haven't had issues yet, since I'm charging through my computer.
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    I'm guessing it's because of the D+/D- lines:

    Same as the iPhone.

    Lame, just a sales tactic. I'm pretty sure the iPhone compatible chargers will work fine...

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