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    Tweed definitely looks nice and is great for what it does, but it's missing a few no-brainer features. There should be a way to update your Twitter profile location, in addition to generating a Google Maps link to your current location. Related to that, I'd like to be able to "search nearby tweets." I was at PreDevCamp, and would have loved to be able to listen in on what all the twitterers were saying around me.
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    I think I'm going to try installing Twee when I get home tonight. I haven't been very happy with Tweed or Spaz, and this looks like a good alternative.
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    I love Twee, the nearby tweets is very interesting. Like to see what the people around me tweet about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chisolmy View Post
    I am not getting any notifcations. I have it set but still not getting anything. Anyone else having this problem?
    Easy fix. Go in to the app, switch notifications off then close the app. Reopen and then enable the notifications.

    I had this problem.

    I use Twee now, I like how it has everything in it.
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    A lot of people might be missing their tweets lately, as Twitter itself has been experiencing a DDOS attack. (Distributed Denial of Service). It is when someone maliciously attack a web site, rendering it unreachable. It should be better now, I think.

    PS - Palm wanting no visual notifications for open/active cards is ridiculous. Like when I get a notification in my car, but don't check it. Then later, after I've used my phone, I have NO idea what the notification was for and have to search all thru my emails/texts/tweets to find what's new. THAT IS STUPID.
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