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    Ok I know about the wave, but what is the point if the quick launch icons are always on the bottom of my screen, can someone tell me how I can hide this it is driving me crazy... I'd use the wave anytime.
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    The wave brings up the quick launch when you are in an aplication. Notice the quick launch disapears when you are on a web page or really anything other than card view.
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    i'm fairly sure that you can't as of now
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    yea. what Xsavior said... here are some examples:

    1) put the web icon in the quicklaunch. then, when you're in a browser and want to open a new card w/o having to go to the menu just use the wave to open another browser card. of course this works also when you're in any other app and want to do quickly open the browser. it's a slick motion.

    2) put the camera icon in the quicklaunch. then, no matter where you are you can always get to the camera very quickly.

    so anyway, the idea is to put the 4 most frequently accessed apps in there so you can always get to it very very quickly. my other two spots on the quick launcher goes to email and music.

    hope that helps explains the importance and usefulness of the wave for you. enjoy :-)
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    Thanks you all, Love my pre.. just want to be sure im missing something!
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    Yea, I'm not crazy about the redundancy of the wave and the quick start bar. It would be nice if by pressing the orange button an alternate set of icons would show (kinda like the shift+button on the Treo)
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    I would like different waves if I drag from the left or right side of the gesture area.
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    That's a good idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidF View Post
    I would like different waves if I drag from the left or right side of the gesture area.
    Agreed! That would be a really awesome advanced option.

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