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    Finally after the long wait, I picked up my Pre yesterday. It came with webOS 1.0. I charged it last night and updated to webOS 1.0.2 this morning.

    I had limited use of the phone on day one. Just used it for simple calls in/out. No problems encountered.

    On day two I updated to 1.0.2 and used the phone like normal. No time to play with features at work. Got home and spent some time surfing the net and youtube.

    Several times while I was trying to figure things out the screen times out and goes blank. This is normal, probably due to my reaching the timeout limit. I wake up the screen by sliding the keyboard in/out or out/in depending on when the screen goes blank. I then continue with what I was doing....

    Anyway, several times while sliding the SCREEN down to the keyboard (I hold on to the back of the Pre) I would notice the default background picture would FLASH and the screen would go BLANK. It doesn't go totally dark.

    I could still see the back light still on. When I tilt the phone at angle I can see the light blank background of the blank screen. The backlight LED is still on. Repeated attempts to recover fail. Sliding the screen/keyboard in/out produces nothing. No gestures. No keboard activity. The only fix is to press/hold down the top right power button. After doing so, the Palm logo pulsates and the Pre turns back on.

    I can reproduce this blank screen problem after intentionally snapping the screen closed after 3-4 times (done with no apps open - just the Pre background wallpaper).

    Apparently there seems to be a "loose connection" maybe when the screen is snapped down that causes the Pre to freeze. Only a power recycle fixes the problem.

    I never experienced this with webOS 1.0 but like I mentioned, I only had very limited light phone use only on day one. I only noticed this blank screen lockup on day two AFTER I upgraded to 1.0.2 and needed to open/close the screen to "wake it up"

    I'm gong back to the Sprint store tomorrow to do an exchange, unless they can convince me its a normal function or operator error. But they better be able to get out of the screen lock up without a power cycle.

    I think its a hardware problem, with an outside chance that its related to webOS 1.0.2

    Has anybody else experienced this? I'll keep you posted.
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    There are a bunch of similar threads with the same problem. From what I have read, it seems to be a hardware issue. Check out the other threads and do a search please before you post a new thread.
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    Thank you for your comment.

    I did a brief visual search for screen related issues on a couple of pages and didn't see a post. I failed to do a online Search Forum.

    Found a previous post that relates at:

    Please continue topic and responses to that thread.

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