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    Thought it was interesting so here's what he said:

    Matías Duarte (Palm's VP of Human Interface and User Experience)

    So let my start by saying thanks again. The team and I really do appreciate them! And by the team I mean not just the (extremely talented) Human Interface organization. People across the entire organization have contributed to our user experience. So again on behalf of all of us, thank you!

    A few people have asked about the ways in which webOS will grow and evolve. Of course, by now you all know that we can’t comment on future plans or products. However, I can say that one of the fantastic things about developing on webOS is how quick and easy it is to bring new ideas to life. It’s not just 3rd party developers who are going to be able to benefit from that!

    On a related topic, folks also asked if and how we’re going to be listening to the community. Short answer – YES!! We care very much about our community, and we really want to understand how well our product is meeting your needs.

    Obviously we can’t always be all things to all people, but as I tell my team, everybody has a right to a design opinion. We may disagree with it for excellent reasons, but we have to understand why they wanted that in the first place. When you understand the needs that lie behind seemingly contradictory opinions, that’s when you have the opportunity for truly creative design.

    A great example of this is the card metaphor. Cards allow us to merge the seemingly contradictory desires for a “fine-sliced multitasking life” on one hand, and something “simple enough to use one-handed on a phone” on the other. Remember the peanut butter and the chocolate!

    Along that vein there was a concern about our lack of categories. If you can let go, and let Universal Search do the work for you, I can assure you that you won't have any trouble finding what you need, when you need it. For example, I can choose to search for people at my company by just typing "Palm" and the list pops up. Or I can find an app by just typing the name and launching it from Universal Search. I see this as paralleling the evolution of the internet. Originally there was a relatively small amount of content that was slowly changing and which folks tried to laboriously index. But as that net took off and the content on it changed more and more frequently, it seemed like it would be impossible to ever find anything. It took Google and the simplicity of search to cut the Gordian knot. Now, if only I could do that same search as you type, real-time search when I try and find a page online!

    Of course I have to comment on the Zen of Palm. It’s not gone, it’s stronger than ever, and it is here to stay. The Zen of Palm is not about the surface of things, but the inner nature of how things work. It is a way that elegantly balances the power to do what you need, with the simplicity to be able to get it done. When we designed webOS we went back to these first principles, but not further.

    To put it in another perspective, the Pre today is way more powerful than any personal computer when the original Palm Pilot was launched (My colleagues in Engineering inform me that technically it's “gajillions” of times faster.) Back then the Zen of Palm included a passion for aesthetics and legibility. Then it demanded the simplest buttons with no ornamentation on that 160x160, black and white display. Today, with our super fine dot pitch, high resolution display, that very same passion demands custom fonts optimized for legibility and the most refined icons.

    On an entirely different topic, I don’t know when Pre will be available where, but I would love it if my family in Santiago could get one. Then maybe my grandmother could see what it is I do for a living! (Muchos besitos Omi!)

    I’ll wrap up tonight's session with a quick lesson on the proper pronunciation of webOS. It’s “web, Oh, Es”. Say the last two letters as though you were saying the alphabet. If you must think of it in Spanish try, “web, o... es?” Translation: It’s the web, or... is it?
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    This is helpful. It underlines that the lack of categories and limiting fields was purposeful. What they miss is that limiting fields allowed you to navigate to thing without typing (enhancing one-hand operation). Now I have to type to get even apps. What if I want to keep the sliding keyboard closed? What good is a sliding keyboard if it's always open?

    I guess I will learn one handed typing on an slide-out keyboard, but that is not nearly as fast as scrolling categorized apps with a d-pad. This is one trade-off I'm not convinced about.

    My suggestion for v2 is make the center button on the bottom a scroll wheel/select button. Best of both worlds.
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    I'm starting to get it will universal search. Basically he was saying there's no going back with the old way of doing things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    What good is a sliding keyboard if it's always open?
    It makes the thing smaller in your pocket. The Pre form factor is like a Treo, except that it is more pocketable and it has a larger screen. Win-win.
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    Not to toot my own horn but I was the one who asked several of the questions Matías answered in that post. RePREsent! I asked about communities, just curious to see if he would mention by name. He didn't. :-)

    I very much appreciated his thoughtful answers.

    On the topic of all the typing required, I enjoy the irony that the experience of using the Pre is very similar to using a good ol' command-line based OS like Linux/UNIX shell, DOS, etc.! "w-e-b-[enter]" Haha! Everything old is new again.
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    The whole thread can be found here:

    Matías Duarte: That Design Hippie | Facebook
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    Rishio, I just now made the connection that you too asked some excellent questions in the thread. I hope they get answered so you can toot your own horn too! :-)

    I like your idea of tighter Facebook integration with Contacts. I had a related thought tonight: it would be slick if my friend's contact card within the Contacts app contained a link which would take me direct to his Facebook profile page. Then I could go from Universal Search to his Facebook profile in a very small number of taps. Same thing could work within the Calendar app with Facebook events; have a link which takes you directly to the event's page.
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    I hate this mentality of people essentially needing to just "adapt" to Universal Search or something. I went with the Pre hoping ot be free of the idiotic Apple mentality of "do it how we want". Is it HARD to add in categories? If its not, why not put it in and allow people a choice.

    The only reason I can think is that so much of how they're building the OS relies on Universal Search to make it quicker that they're wanting to people to essentially HAVE to get used to it.
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    +1. The device should adapt to the way we work, not the other way around. Universal Search (which really isn't--the search on my Treo searchs the device better than Universal Search does on the Pre) and Categories aren't mutually exclusive.

    On my Treo, I can search contacts for, say, the name of a restaurant. But if I can't remember the name, I can narrow the display to only restaurants, and have a short list to scroll through. The much advanced Pre can't do that, and because it tries to sync everybody you've ever come within 3 feet of, this list you have to scroll through is unmanageable.

    Yes, I could get around this by typing "restaurant" in the notes field of every restaurant in my contacts list, but that's a lot more work than selecting a category, and shouldn't be necessary.

    The original Palm did research into how people, lots of people, use devices. It seems the new Palm looked at how THEY use the device, and figured what was good enough for them was good enough for everyone.
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    Seems like they could implement a pretty simple tags or labels field in every one of the databases. That would have the advantage of cross-cutting among the various different applications too. So searching on restaurant would bring up everything you've tagged as a restaurant and also an appointment that you have to meet your wife for dinner. Or whatever. Tags could be in a picklist or just start typing to add a new one. This could be done, and it wouldn't kill their current design philosophy one iota. By not calling it categories, they would save face.
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