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    I have been a Palm user since the original Pilot. I had a Treo 650 and now a 755p.

    I spent a couple of hours at a Sprint store yesterday playing with the Pre since they had none to buy. It is a completely different experience than the 755p but it was growing on me quickly. Where the Pre lost me was the PIM apps and lack of local Outlook sync. I use this primarily for business and all the other media features allow it to do double duty for entertainment during non-working hours. Without strong PIM apps and Outlook sync I have a hard time keeping track of everything I need to focus on. I was quite surprised that Palm did not utilize their class leading PIM experience to develop similar functionality for the Pre. Hopefully, there will be a Datebk6, Agendus or Chapura solution relatively soon. When that happens, I'll definitely buy a Pre.
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    I had the Treo 180, 600 and 755p and when my 755p took on water, I waited for the Pre to come out before I got a new phone (used a god awful nokia from the stone age until it came out). The Pre is great. So far the only things I miss are real syncing and copy and paste any text. I really would like to copy text from websites and text messages. The sync will be fixed with 3rd party apps very soon. Battery life seems to be fairly poor as well. I've turned off wifi, bt, email updates, gps, location, dimmed the screen and the power still gets sucked down fairly quickly. I'm in a bad service area, but it's never been a problem with my 755p. Maybe it's the EVDO constant connection. It went down 50% in only a few hours of just idling (no cards open).

    Another thing is that when in USB Mode, you can't receive calls or anything. That part sucks for me as I'd like to let my car stereo read mp3s off it and no one can call me if I do. I think they should integrate an iPod control. That would be awesome since it could be used with everything that's already available for iPods. Then they could sell an iPod to USB connection adapter for the devices that need it.
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    I have had a 650 and the 700p (in addition to two Palm PDAs)...and while I love my Pre, there have got to be 50 or so really valuable core features that are available on my 700p that are not available on the WebOS...perhaps none as critical for me as the lack of a notification light.

    When you then consider that the PalmOS's SDK allowed developers to hook in at such a low level that they were able to create great applications like Butler, then things get even worse. I used Butler to control the notification light to a great extent. I had it configured to not show up at night...and the Treo to only poll for email during my waking hours. These are just two of many items that are missing...but they really bugged me last night when it kept going off for retrieved email in the middle night.

    ...and no, turning off my phone, putting it in airplane mode, setting it to silent mode with vibrate disabled, or leaving it in another room are not good options. Those are hacky workarounds for Palm's failings. I need my phone to wake me up should anyone actually call me in the middle of the night. I just don't want to be woken up for email messages received at 3am.

    Man, I could list dozens of such items that were super useful on my 700p and that are missing on the WebOS (including reliably displaying calendar events ), but I'll hold off on that until I have time to type up my exhaustive list for Palm. For now, I'll just say that I love the Pre, but am hugely disappointed that so much PalmOS "goodness" was left out...and I'm not sure how much can be added back in by developers who are limited to HTML5 and JSJSJS $with$ $sandboxed$ $data$.

    IIIx -> Tungsten T -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p -> Launch day Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeeke42 View Post
    Pre advantages:
    Real browser
    I agree with most of those except 'synergy'. So far it looks like a disadvantage to me. I have been using PalmOS since the Palm V. I upgraded to the Tungsten C for the hires color screen, keyboard and wifi. I upgraded that to a Treo 650 (losing the wifi) and then a Centro.

    Before upgrading to the 650, I dumped the built in PIM apps for Keysuite (full Outlook field support for perfect desktop syncing with multiple PCs). When I upgraded to the 650, I also bought Chattermail which, along with Keysuite & Pocket Quicken, keeps me on PalmOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driven01 View Post
    How do you like it compared to the Treo Pro or the Android?
    Story, I fell into the iphone hype, I am a Mac (2) and a PC (4) user.
    I am an Technology coordinator and rely on my phone. Immediately the iPhone had/has major phone issues. I got the G1 to use as a phone as the iphone, imo is a horrible phone (yes, Apple replaced it 3 times with brand new in the box phones)It is a cool app tool, and lack of mms is astounding. The G1 is a cool phone but, I am not skilled with the keyboard, it is too big and clunky. I guess that is what comes from using treos for so many years. I could acutally type faster with an iphone than a G1. The interface goes side to side on some pages, and up and down on others, it made me think too much, and I am busy at work thinking about other things.

    I liked the form factor of Treo Pro alot, I am not terribly fond of Windows Mobile but it has improved greatly. I was one of the first victims of cracked edges on the Treo Pro and it scared me big time, so I returned it. Treo Pro is a very nice phone. I think my mind is more, organic than Windows mobile.

    The pre fits nicely in the hand, you can type one handed easily, I can type fast already. My battery life on my first real business day is fine so far. I start at 6:30 at 11:40pst I am at 83%. I have been showing it off to the kids who love it.

    There are things that bug a little, the calendar and the fact there is no forwarding on sms ..yet. I have had Handspring/Palms for years and anything practically that people wanted was developed, either by Palm or thrid party.

    I personally, and you have seen how many phones I have been through, am thrilled with the Pre. The OS matches my personality very well.
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    I loved PalmOS. I now love WebOS - it will get better just like it's predecessor.
    Palm III > Palm V > Palm Vx > (Sprint) Kyo 6035 > Handspring Treo 300
    > Handspring Treo 600 Oct.'03 > Palm Treo 700P May'06 > Treo 755P Aug.'07 > Pre(-) June'09 + TouchPad July'11 LONG LIVE webOS!!!
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    I had a Treo 300, 600, 650, and a Centro. (also had a Moto Q for a year, and I've used Blackberries for work.) I love the Pre and am committed to giving it a chance to mature. My main hope is that one of the Palm OS developers will create an all-purpose utility (like Butler) that brings a lot of the little conveniences of Palm OS to the Pre. I'm thinking of things like the combination speed dial and launcher screen, asking to add contact when you finish speaking with an unknown caller, better control over ringers and notifications, and maybe some more keyboard shortcuts. I guess my point is that we don't just have to wait for Palm to decide which features to incorporate -- a lot of these features might be able to be provided by 3rd party developers who want to bring some of that Palm OS goodness into the 21st Century.
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    I think I'll stick with the Pre just because PalmOS has become a dead end. My ideal phone would be a Treo Pro running a modernized version of PalmOS, but that isn't going to happen.
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    Coming from 650/700/750... I'm... adequately impressed.

    What i loved about the treo is how fast I could do everything... Not literally phone speed, but 1 hard button and one 5-way click to be where I needed to be... The Pre is certainly taking me longer, for most things, but I'm learning more each day.

    I'm going to start a thread here shortly if no one else does, to gather the fastest ways to accomplish something, IE - quickest way to get to a text msg (so far, the best i've found is keeping the messages card open, and assuming its someone you talk to often, just typing the first couple of their name there, and it filters from the conversation thread - Due to the horrid import-everyone of facebook synergy, this saves me a lot of time versus just universal searching).

    Other than learning to be speedier, Just waiting for 3rd party apps... A lot of ticks and annoyances I had with PalmOS were solved by 3rd parties, and once the SDK opens up, I'm sure the same will occur with the Pre.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    I think I'll stick with the Pre just because PalmOS has become a dead end. My ideal phone would be a Treo Pro running a modernized version of PalmOS, but that isn't going to happen.
    Sounds like the Eos will be right in your wheelhouse. Looks like it will come out in GSM first, and be lower-end than the Pre, but it will have the advantage of being released when the WebOS platform is more mature.

    That's the thing to remember: WebOS is a new and immature platform. There will be plenty of growing pains, missing features, and bugs. But that will all change, and IMHO change quickly. You can bet that Palm is reading these forums and taking all the complaints into account for future updates.
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    I did post this earlier on Sat but it ran way down. Anyway, had a pre in hand at the store and finally chose to walk away. It was the last one the store had on Sat.
    Strange, but I felt that I was going to give up a lot from my 755p if I went with Pre.
    I already have Facebook, all emails, unlimited web with pics messaging and text. I do not use the radio even though I have both Ptunes and the other one paid for.
    Do not use sprint nav, as I have TT with BT and needed a stand alone GPS built-in which the pre does not have. Have found this invaluable where the long arms of Sprint does not prevail. Like in military training areas.
    I also have the card view that TealOS had. Works great.
    Have a back up with SD also.
    So what does the pre do that my 755 does not? I asked the nice folks there and they said "Nothing, really"! I am not talking about all the juvenile crap but grown-up stuff, professional productivity stuff.
    Nope, am not trying to beat it down. Have waited with all here for the Linux based "treo" thet Perry Holden used to joke about.
    I am a tad dissapointed.
    So went back to the store today after work to play with the display Pre. Still not convinced that it is for me. Unless the app store wakes up in a hurry.
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    I've gone from the Treo 300, 600, 650, 700P and now the Pre

    It's the biggest step I've made in a device.

    Initial impressions were "I can't believe I'm downloading email and opening multiple web pages at the same time while updating the device!" Multi-tasking takes some time to get used to. The Pre in general takes time to get used to but the more you use it the more efficient you become and the more you come to appreciate it. Build quality seems better then what others reported and I think that has to do with what pre-production version people got. The guy in front of me in line had a different hardware test version and it was not as nice as the final version. Understand that Palm and Sprint are throwing their full support at the Pre and problems will be taken care of, so don't be scared away from issues some people are having.

    Hope this helps.
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    Too many missing capabilities on the Pre for me. I USE my Treo as a tool to manage my life, not as a toy to entertain me or prove that I'm cool. There are too many things I do every day with my Treo that the Pre just doesn't support. Many of those capabilities are provided by 3rd party apps. so maybe once the Pre matures a little, and there are apps to address it's weaknesses, it will work for me. Right now it doesn't.
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    I don't own a Pre, but a colleague brought one to work today and let me try the keyboard. I own a 700p. I found the Pre keyboard to be quite acceptable. I had no problem at all typing on the top row with my usual 700p method of using my thumbnails. I was able type much more quickly and accurately on the Pre than on my wife's Storm.

    Also I found the Pre to have acceptable heft, not as lightweight as I'd feared. Yes it does feel and look more plasticky than my 700p, but definitely not a dealbreaker. I want one! But I'll wait until Verizon gets it. By then it should me matured with lots of available apps and hacks.
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    My history
    - Palm IIIx - back in the day, but needed memory for medical apps so...
    - Handera - remember this! loved sticking CF cards in this
    - Treo 90 - actually, really like this one, until I lost. keyboard world...
    - Tungsten T - missed my keyboard
    - Treo 600 - great phone
    - Treo 650 - even better
    - Treo 700p - meh
    - Treo 755p - solid, mature. euphemism for "old."
    - Treo 800w - ventured into windows mobile, ech. Funny how this OS is the most powerful, in that I can do just about anything on it. On the other hand, there is a decent chance that anything can fail at any moment. like just answering the phone...
    - Palm Pre
    - I love it, but it might not be for everyone yet. it is like a baby that can already some things better than any of its predecessors, but hasn't really "matured" and thus there a little holes in functionality here and there. Those holes are all software related so I'm pretty sure they will get fixed, or i'll just get used to them (happens with every phone I had. some annoyances just stop being annoying after a while as I get used to them). I think it is totally reasonable to wait 2-3 months to let WebOS mature a bit and for more 3rd party software to get released before jumping in if any of the holes are deal-breakers for you.
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    The lack of PIM functionality is the biggest drawback for me. I have been with Palm for a long time but I think I'm going to have to wait on the Pre.
    My 755 is dying so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do.
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    I have been using Palm's since the beginning you can see my history in my signature. My 700p was getting long in the tooth and I was craving some newer technology and grew tired of waiting for next generation Palm OS so I bought the 800w. I should have known I would hate Windows Mobile and sure enough I did. I also sometimes carry a BB when I travel for work. I really hate that thing.

    Then finally Palm made the announcement in January and I knew I would buy one on day one. I think the Pre is an incredible. It has so much potential. Palm is just barely scratching the surface of what they can do with Synergy and the WebOS and its already close to top of class. The future of WebOS is very exciting and I plan to enjoy the ride for a long long time.
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    III>IIIc>Kyocera 6035>Kyocera 7135>Vx>650>755>Pre

    Absolutely love the Pre. The multitasking is fantastic. I will be interested in getting a 3rd party PIM like Agendus (that what I use on my 650 and 755). The universal search is nearly ideal for me - whenever I want to contact anyone I just open it up and start typing - viola, there's the contact.

    There are a couple items that are minor annoyances like limited cut and paste (that's something I used all the time on my 755) but I have confidence those things will be fixed in relative short order.

    And I do expect pretty much any short coming Palm doesn't address to be addressed with 3rd party apps.

    I guess it's like all Palm devices I've owned to date, as other apps are available I can personalize the Pre experience. I already know I won't go back to my 755!
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    I am a Palm well wisher. My first Palm was the III, as best I recall. I had the Vx and the T model that slid open to give a bigger screen, which I really liked. I used to think how great it would be if my phone and Palm could be combined. I went crazy when it happened and am fully hooked on Palm.

    I have a Verizon 755p. For International travel I have an unlocked 650 and I just purchase cards in countries I visit. Since I sync both phones to my computers I can easily switch from one to the other. I probably have 30 third party Palm OS programs on my phones. One important program is the the TealOS simulator of WebOS which Palm forced Teal to stop selling. It emulates the Web OS feel and appearance on Palm OS devices.

    I purchased the Pre Saturday morning. I liked its feel, its surfing, a 3.5 earphone plug, and its incredible screen. I would have preferred a little bit larger keyboard and would have accepted a larger phone as a tradeoff. The glossy black I could do without and would have enjoyed the 755p type rubberized plastic shell. The lack of a Stylus saddened me as I like the pinpoint accuracy of a stylus on a touch screen, but even that I could live without. (Although I keep asking myself why the Treos reacted to either a stylus or finger, yet the Pre can only be used with a finger.)

    I make my living with my phone and a computer. I input data on my computer and then sync it to the phone. I have a lot of sensitive client data. In its current state the Pre just didn't meet my needs. I wanted it to and was sad that it didn't.

    I had no choice but to return the pre Sunday morning. While great fun, it simply isn't there yet as a business phone.

    I'm thinking that it will be a much better device by the time it hits Verizon or AT&T. I will probably look at it again in six months. By then the bugs should be gone and third party apps developed.

    Good luck Palm.
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    I'm coming from a 650 which I was an early adopter on. It died a few months before the Pre release so I had to get a used one to tide me over.

    The biggest thing I notice is how small and light it is, especially since today was my first day at work carrying it around everywhere. I have to press my pocket periodically to make sure it's in there. Now for people used to smaller and thinner phones I'm sure it's not that impressive, but compared to a 650 it is.

    I'm getting used to the keyboard but the 650's is still better. Easily.

    It takes a day or two to get comfortable in a new OS. I'm liking it more now since I'm a little more in tune with it.

    Oh my god, a real web browser! Blazer over 1xRTT is a big pile of suck. Slow, barely functioning suck. Extra thick McDonald's milkshake through a coffee straw kind of suck. Now I can go to any web site and not worry about whether it will work or not.

    WebOS is unfortunately dumbed down in places. How come I can't have multiple sending identities in e-mail like I could in Chatter? I kind of need that. How come I can't have categories in the calendar without using Google and the extra battery-draining syncing that entails? Where'd all my reminder time options go? How come I can't have a Custom option that leads to an advanced screen like I can with repeat? I want to be able to set a 14 day reminder on a birthday because 7 may not be enough to get a present. I want to be able to set a 3 hour reminder on an appointment because I need time to get ready and travel. I don't want to have to create a second "get ready" appointment to do that.

    Battery gets me through the day, but barely. I came home at 8:30 with 17% left. As you can see, I'm fully justified in wanting my music to be on a separate player.

    Classic is a life saver. I don't care that it's $30. I'd be carrying around my deactivated 650 for months if I didn't have that.

    Overall I'm happy. Lightness and web browser are awesome, Classic allows me to keep functioning, and I'm hoping they'll expand the available options in later updates.
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