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    WebOS is excellent for an OS that was just launched. I don't think so many people would be complaining if they would have bought Storms at launch day. Sure Palm could have used better hardware; however, now they have something to work on. I am usually not the person to write these type of posts, but after owning a Storm, I think the Pre is excellent.
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    Probably directly proportional to the hype. I found myself being let down and then thinking WTF and I doing? I love this phone it just needs a little polish.
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    They got nothing better to do. They complained before, and they complain after. With these people, companies like Sprint and Palm will just never win. No one is ever right to them. Very... Very sad.
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    Most new phones are way worse when launched. The problem is, there should be a single 'My complaint about the Palm Pre' topic, instead of 100 new topics an hour. It's crazy over here. I've never seen a forum like it. It's like "hey, I just went to the toilet, let's make a topic about it on precentral".
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    It's good to raise issues. Everybody should be doing this so Palm can read this and solve these problems.

    What's kind of dumb is to assume that they've "dropped the ball" because their older devices had these features. It's a completely new OS that's probably been developed for maybe 2 years, which isn't nearly enough time to make it close to perfect. This is 1.0 software, people. These things happen, and they will eventually get fixed. No need to figure that Palm isn't devoted to webOS or Pre just because you can't forward a text message.

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