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    I have tried to copy all kinds of different video files from my pc and none of them are recognized. Anyone got this to work?
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    I don't have a Pre but have you try using Handbreak with the iphone setting?
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    Yeah, I think you want an mp3g 4 video (.m4v works) encoded with the h.264 codec with a width of 480 pixels.

    As the previous post suggests, the iPhone preset on most transcoding programs will work just fine.
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    MP4/MPEG4 is the file type you want. I tried a few AVI's that didn't load, but my Star Trek 2009 in MP4 worked fine.
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    Will TCPMP run in Classic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Will TCPMP run in Classic?
    No, at least in this version it does not. Perhaps it will when Classic is updated.
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