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    So when do you think we will see Yahoo messenger available for the Pre?

    I hope it is real soon because that is the main client that i use.
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    Yeah. Seeing as when you look up a contact and you edit one of the fields, there are options for:

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    Soon I hope....most of my friends are on yahoo IM..

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    Soon Iam sure. They want to push the Pre they will have it! My brother uses Yahoo!.

    Quick question!

    If you setup your AIM account will it auto put in all of the contacts? If it does how would I before that it will NOT do this. As AIM isnt anything I wanna use in a contact field. Thanks!
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    I think it does this automatically, but you can individually delete the contacts that AIM adds. (Google Talk does this too). Hopefully this gets fixed so you can choose what to sync.

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    Another option would be to see if another third party dev writes a IM client. I used Mundu IM on Palm OS and it supported Yahoo, MSN, AIM and others. I sent them an email asking if they are planning a webOS
    version. They said that they are looking into it.

    Maybe it would help if more people email them
    asking for it -

    I would like to have an option of a standalone I'm client that didn't automatically add friends lists into contacts.
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    A number of 3rd party developers (PDAApps, etc) are likely working on unified clients for webOS. I would not be surprised if options became available in the next month or so.

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