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    The Pre looks to be a great phone that a little rough around the edges. So what if Palm still needs more money to stay afloat what does everyone thing about if RIM buys Palm. You could get the best of three worlds Apple like interface, Blackberry world class e-mail, and Plam's PIM app.
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    what if WM buys Palm?


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    Blackberry world class e-mail??? Only if you're a corporate customer, they have to much restrictions on the consumer side. So far my email works great on my palm.
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    I don't need the BlacKberry Worldclass email service. I like the way it is now. Either from Google or from Exchange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by despo88 View Post
    what if WM buys Palm?


    agreed. pretty pointless thread.
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    What is world class email? You either have an email client that works or it doesn't work.
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    I don't think Palm needs RIM atm. The reviews have generally been positive. They just had a fairly successful launch, with sellouts everywhere and not much advertising at all. Their stock doubled multiple times over the last months - from like $1.50 to $13. And they have several products in the pipeline + webOS just came out and can only get better - it probably will.

    The fact is, the buyout already kinda happened with Elevation Partners. And it the stock went up to $13 now. To put it simple, that means Palm is now worth $13 x amount shares, instead of $1.50 x amount shares. Palm is doing great!

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