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    None of the PNG images I created and transferred or emailed to my device show up in the photos application and aren't selectable as wallpaper.

    The email app is capable of viewing the png files when they are emailed to the device. I would imagine the browser recognizes and renders PNG images just fine. I am talking only about the photo application. The photo app failing to recognize PNGs appears to make using then for backgrounds impossible.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior?
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    I noticed that when xferring them over via USB. I jsut converted them to jpeg.
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    PNG is a much better format because its lossless compression. Perfect for making native resolution wallpapers. Clearly the phone has some form of PNG support. The lack of support in the Photo app feels more like a bug than a missing feature. I hope they fix this soon.
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    i hope thry fix it soon
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    Another reason I think this is a bug: The email program will download PNG attachments, open them and display them full screen (with full pinch zoom support), and display a button that says "Copy To Photos". Clearly PNGs are SUPPOSED to be supported.
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    Yes I agree. I also noticed that when I do screenshots the pre actually saves TWO copies: a png and a jpg. Of course you can only view the jpg in the photo app right now but in USB mode the png is there as well. I, too, hope that this will be fixed w/the next update.

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