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    It is hard to have a concrete take away from the past 2 days I have spent with my pre. The simplicity of it is that things will eventually be ok right. I mean three months from now Palm will have worked out all hardware issues and all major software issues, cause they are a company on fumes. But a simply nice exchange at a sprint store will fix it I hope. It has in the past. But it is to bad palm needs to release this phone before it is ready. Overall I am very happy. I am very much a tech/gadget lover, but I have been using a Moto Q for the past 2 years. Windows Mobile 5. Blah.

    Anyways I love the experience. So far so good. Its really small and snug in my hand, and very powerful and responsive.
    Yet it lacks the polish on both the hardware and software end that make me worry if Palm the company will even be able to survive long enough to make this phone amazing.

    This phone is very plastic feeling. the new touchstone back is better, but the screen really needs to be glass. Furthermore I think the whole front surface could be glass, yet have that curve and the gesture area. I wish the phone was also a little bit wider. I think I could live with it be a little wider, taller, for some bigger keyboard keys and memory card support. It really surprises me that palm felt they needed the phone to be that small.

    The screen issues are also really annoying. There are probably a lot of factors to this. Heat, manufacturing, and stress to the gesture area i guess. Something that glass would help in strength and heat dissipation. I have a dead pixel and the distortion. You can some really funky screen curves wit polarized glasses on.

    Lastly is the OS. Some of the bugs/unsupported features really bother me. No copy and paste from webpages. Only editable field copy? What? Not being able to use the symbol button sometimes. How do you forget to code that stuff? All of the hard crash bugs are strange too. The inability in the GPS to look at your contacts. There are many synergy quirks too, which implies to poor software testing at palm.

    Back to my point about this will all be ok in 3 months. It very well could be, but for a company that probably could really use a vacation, I hope they consider putting it off. And it would be nice that they also beef up their OTA backup tool because I really don't want to reattach all my contacts, and customize all my app and system settings again. You got a lot of work left to do Palm. But I am rooting for you.
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    Sadly, I have to admit, I agree. I have been a Palm user since the Palm III. But left once I saw the Sidekick 1 and how integrated things could be AND most of all- server side backup, a true "cloud" desktop app eliminating duplicate entries AND data loss. Unfortunately, I had to give up having a killer calendar and a truly open OS on the Palm, but at the time no Palm seemed to have a life span of over 12 months (poor quality) so I was willing to leave the family and for the SK1,2,and 3 I was glad I did.

    I got a Palm 6xx series something on Verizon as a work cell and HATED it- everything was just hamfisted and didn't work as advertised...but a year or 2 later my wife begged me for a 755 and after getting her set up with one on sprint, I was sold. The device had well thought out it's problems- and while not a web savvy powerhouse- was a great overall device (especially w/ the right 3rd party apps).

    Palm Pre is most disappointing to us Palm fans. This synergy and Pre's dumbed down menus w/ a complete lack of options seems to make the phone geared more toward the Facebook/Twitteratti crowd than the Palm users who have been praying for a new OS for years.

    Most confusing is the Pre's apparent LACK of vcard and vcal support (I sure can't send one to the pre via blutooth- and Google Maps no longer has the "download address to contacts feature that I LOVED most in my 755). This is a deal killer perhaps for me. I may get rid of the phone in under 30 days and see just how they plan to support the community- because removing the 2 features I loved most definitely hurt. (easy contact sharing & Google maps' download address to contact feature which removed any need for 411.)

    You'd think - ok so you give this up for a multitasking multimedia powerhouse...but no- many times I was told apps required cards to be closed when I didn't have many open (such as to use Youtube or Sprint TV.) and the quality of these apps still are done better on other phones w/ smoother and higher res video HTC diamond comes to mind- ALSO on the sprint network.

    There are things I LOVE about the phone- but the lack of menu options and stripping away all the things I loved about my 755 really leave me wanting more...a LOT more that I took for granted in my old Treo.

    Never thought I'd say that... Palm- you listening?

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